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Jul 5, 2011 11:57 PM

Cuban chocolate in Vancouver?

As an unusual gift to bring back to the States from Vancouver I would like to find Cuban chocolate bars. (Forget cigars). Any ideas where to find them? -Arnie

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  1. Geeze, I am not too sure! Do you mean a chocolate shaped like a cigar or actual cuban chocolate. I know this place on Bowen island that sell the most amazing chocolate ever with super unusual flavour combinations. It's called Cocoa West.

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      I meant actual Cuban chocolate, whether it's a bar, or nibs. or another form. This would be something different to bring back to California because the US has embargoed Cuban products for 50 years.- Arnie

    2. There is a place called Delicias de Alicia in burnaby, you could try there. If they didn't have some, they might know where you could get it?