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Jul 5, 2011 09:57 PM

Kegs of Virgils Root Beer?

Looking for kegs (not bottles) of Virgil's Root Beer - I was able to find them in Seattle at World Market (only bottles at Whole Foods and QFM).. wondering if they're available in the GVR area - they're not anywhere to be found in Edmonton..


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  1. Whole Foods had them. Also saw them at Dougie Dogs on Granville.

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    1. re: clutterer

      Do you remember which WF? I'm driving out tomorrow so if I can find some that would be awesome!


      PS: I called Dougie Dog's and they said they only have their own bottles, no Virgil's.

      1. re: taiphun

        I've seen the kegs at the Cambie Street Whole Foods, but not sure if they still have them or not.

        I was at Dougie Dogs on Monday night stocking up on root beer. They have a broad selection of different root beers, usually the smaller brands (eg Sioux City, etc), along with their own butterscotch root beer. They had Virgil's, and a keg of Virgil's sitting on top of the fridge. So unless they sold out over the last two days, they should still have other bottles than their own brand.

        1. re: clutterer

          Hi clutterer,

          Thanks - do you have a favorite? Maybe I'll forgo bringing back a cooler full of fish to a cooler full of root beer.

          1. re: taiphun

            Hey Taiphun,

            Out of all of the root beers I've found in town, I'd say Virgil's, Boylan's or Real Brew. (I tried to link you to another site that covers all of the ones I've found in town other than the obvious Barqs, etc., but I guess that angered the Chowhound people).

            The places with the largest assortment of root beers I've found in town are Dougie Dogs on Granville and the Taco Shack on Cornwall.

            Taco Shack
            1937 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J1C8, CA

            1. re: clutterer

              hey clutterer, no problem, thanks for the slop. ;)

          2. re: clutterer

            Definitely available at Whole Foods on Cambie right now. $20 per keg. They have a bunch near the meat counter along with their charcoal.

            1. re: peter.v

              Ditto with Whole Foods in West Van. Saw them this weekend as part of a root beer float display (ie next to the ice cream freezers).

              1. re: clutterer


                Wifey refused to let me get more. Will return via air in August, but I don't see how I'm gonna get kegs into checked baggage. :(

                Thanks for all the help though.. I'll scheme something up.

      2. I've seen them at some of the Choices Market locations -