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Muskoka, Honey Harbour, Bala, Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, Midland Areas...need help!

Hi Folks,

I am renting a cottage for a month in August just east of Honey Harbour and I am looking for any and all food recommendations for the areas in the title.

I found very few threads on these areas on Chowhound, so any and all advice would be very greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


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  1. For Midland, I can help - the following link is fairly all-inclusive (except for Mad Michael who has his own thread)

    All are an hours drive away, and most not worth that amount of effort! But maybe a day trip with Mad Michael for lunch and Explorers Cafe for dinner would work. Reservations essential on weekends - not sure about midweek.

    Mad Michael's
    8215 93 Hwy, Wyebridge, ON L0K1E0, CA

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      This is exactly what we're looking for, thank you.

    2. For Gravenhurst- nothing

      For Port Carling- Rebecca's-


      Most places in Muskoka are expensive for what you get but that is due to a short season and making hay while the sun shines.

      Choices are limited but if you can put cost/value aside Sherwood Inn is another option.


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        We're looking for expensive and cheap, thank you!

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          there's a small chain called purple pig which does pretty well in central ontario, good reliable spot for bbq ribs, wings, burgers etc...

          i used to like 3 guys & a stove in muskoka, but the location in blue mountain has since turned me off.

      2. Gravenhurst - North (expensive)

        1. Is there a regular Farmer's market in any of these areas?

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            In Midland

            Haven't been this year - last year started off well, but faded a bit towards the end of the season.

          2. Really like The Griffin Pub in Bracebridge. Great local food and beer.


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              Hey Major, people might bash me for suggesting this but you really should visit the Elmvale Fleamarket! Certainly not a diner's paradise but definitely an experience to remember! They also have a Farmers Market. Enjoy your holidays. :)

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                We might go into Wasaga for a day, so I will keep this in mind, thanks.

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                  Tell me more about this fleamarket...

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                    The Elmvale Fleamarket has been around forever! When I was a kid, they use to auction off livestock and this is the place where I first laid eyes on the cutest baby goat I had ever seen. I raised my arm and started to wave my hand about and to my Mother's dismay, the auctioneer announced that I was the proud owner of the baby goat. She then had to explain to the fellow that we resided in Toronto and NO, we could not take the goat home. I then purchased a baby chick but was forced to take that back as well. Yes, I have fond memories of the EFM. I know it's changed since I was a kid, but today you can find great deals on just about anything from books to antiques, new clothing as well as used "stuff." They also sell fresh, locally grown produce and freshly baked goods.

                    I really hope you decide to visit. It's a great time, had by all. While you're in the vicinity .... you might like to visit Balm Beach as well. It's very pretty and the traffic isn't as bad as Wasaga Beach which is so commercialized now.

                    Enjoy your summer! :)

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                      Great story :) Sounds similar to the Tuesday market in Keady. We might check it out. Our cottage is in Wasaga and we generally do a Elmvale Zoo / Mad Michael's day. This year I hope to check out the bakery in Elmvale, which is supposed to have good donuts I believe.

              2. For Bracebridge -

                Love Riverwalk, not cheap but worth every penny.


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                  Ate there last summer and enjoyed it very much, but I did think it was a little overpriced. As far as options go in the area, though, this is one of the best.

                  Alternatively, the OP could just go stuff him/herself with butter tarts and ice cream for every meal a few steps down Main St. That ice cream parlour is KILLER.

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                    Hey when we go up to cottage country for a week only sadly every summer, our dinner of choice is Kawartha Dairy. haha. Some people also still like 3 Guys and a Stove in Huntsville. We used to love it but lately not so much. Anyone else?

                2. Here are some recs for you as well as a vote for some already mentioned!
                  Bala. Moon River Lookout - have not been for a year, but it was very good prior to that. You should visit Don's Bakery for scones (they aren't a real scone, more like a bun, but it you are into peameal bacon - these are great for that, or just toasted. Don't forget to get a number at Don's when you get in the lineup for these! I would second the vote for Rebecca's just east of Bala - very good food.
                  Gravenhurst. I also second the vote for North, although expensive, good food. The Farmer's Market is on Wednesday morning - can be busy. Visit "Taste" more toward downtown for Kawartha ice cream cones that are huge - a kid size cone is enough!
                  Severn - Rawley Lodge - have only been for lunch but it's a lovely setting and good food.
                  Bracebridge - Second the vote for Griffin Pub - great beers (micros) and good food - not just the usual pub fare! For diner type lunch - good breakfast/burgers/sandwiches and fries go to Fresh Kutz. Riverwalk is indeed good but priced like some of the ones I mention above,

                  Fresh Kutz
                  195 Wellington, Bracebridge, ON P1L1C1, CA

                  1. What about Butchers, bakers, coffee shops, breakfast/brunch spots, ice cream stops, etc. Is there anything good that people can recommend in any of these areas?

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                      "The Bakery" in Gravenhurst. Their butter tarts and baked goods are mmm mmm good.

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                        Henrietta's Pine Bakery in Dwight (near the fork at Hwy 60 and 35)!! - great breads, amazing pies and interesting cookies and tarts.

                        Kawartha Dairy on Hwy 60 in Hunstville just a few blocks east of Hwy 11. Huge variety of flavours yum!!

                        Yog's Frozen Yogurt - Main Street in Huntsville.

                        And forgot the name but a great frozen yogurt place in Dorset (near the bridge) which makes their own yummy waffle cones.

                        Guess you figured out the area we stay in.

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                          Best soups/sandwiches in Muskoka: Butcher's Daughter in Huntsville.

                        2. Are there any good fishmongers in the area?

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                            This is as close as you'll get. Their smoked trout is amaaazing; fresh fish I think you have to pre-order.