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Jul 5, 2011 08:38 PM

Ideas for vegetarian grill recipes?

Grilled tofu (though I could use a great tutorial on how to grill it successfully, as tonight's sort of sucked...)
Grilled pizza
Grilled quesadillas
Potatoes/garlic in foil packets

Other ideas? I'm looking for creative, unusual ideas.

This is embarrassing, but I don't really know how to make other veggies on a grill. Foil packets? or is there another way?

Has anyone successfully grilled tempeh?

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  1. Grilled portobello caps. You can eat them like burgers.

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    1. (numerous other links within).

      and if you read through some of the tempeh threads you'll find many recommendations for this Maple Grilled Tempeh:

      Foil packets? or is there another way?
      foil packets are great for steaming and a *hint* of grill flavor, but you need to do them directly on the grate or in a grill basket if you want that hearty, tasty char.

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        I DO want that tasty char! Grill marks, or what's the point! :) So are there tried-and-true methods o achieve that tasty char on the grill itself? I always worry about scorching things, or having things stick, or fall through the grate as they shrink (zucchini for instance shrinks as it cooks and expels water).

        I have made that maple grilled tempeh recipe before, but not on the grill. I forgot about it since I've only made it in the kitchen. Will have to rediscover that one.

        1. re: IndyGirl

          treat vegetables the same way you do everything else - they're no more prone to scorching than something like pizza dough or tofu. make sure you oil the grate well, cut the vegetables into pieces large enough to avoid falling through the grates, and keep an eye on them. if you're still worried about it, you can buy a grill basket:

          but i'm personally not a big fan unless i need to grill a large volume of small pieces, because it's difficult to ensure that everything cooks evenly, and you can't get in there to turn individual pieces without taking the entire thing off the flame and opening it.

          trust yourself, and do them directly on the grate with a good pair of tongs for maneuvering. it really just takes a little practice and confidence, and really, what's the big deal if you incinerate a few pieces that slip through the cracks?

          oh, and a tip for dealing with zucchini & eggplant - salt, drain & rinse the slices before grilling them to draw out excess moisture and help reduce shrinkage. the resulting firmer texture also makes them easier to handle.

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            I did do zucchini right on the grate tonight. Worked terrifically (I kept thinking, be confident! What's the worst that can happen?)!

      2. Something I like doing is skewering vegetables on preferably a wooden skewer (soak in a bit of water first), so people can pick them up easily and eat. Things I've used in the past: sliced peppers, onion, marrows, mini gem squash, patty pans, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, radishes, carrots... Just slice the bigger ones into roughly the same size as the smaller, mix them up and thread onto stick. Marinate in a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper, any other seasonings you might like, maybe a bit of balsamic vinegar. Put it straight on the grill. Eat when it looks good. Thanks to the skewers, it won't fall though. Just put something like the peppers on either end, so nothing slides off.

        Corn on the cob on the grill is also good. Think there was another thread on that recently.

        Herb bread, or little grill breads stuffed with eg a sundried tomato tapenade mix also work well.

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        1. re: haiku.

          Corn on the cob on the grill is also good. Think there was another thread on that recently.

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            We did this tonight-it was awesome! I used cayenne and chili powder with some kosher salt to dust it after it was finished.

            1. re: IndyGirl

              next time try it Mexican-style (elote)...grill the corn, then slather with a combo of mayo and Mexican crema (or sour cream). dust with chili powder, and sprinkle with finely chopped fresh cilantro, and a healthy dose of shredded cotija, Pecorino or Parmigiano. i also add smoked paprika and occasionally a pinch of toasted cumin to mine. finish with a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

              it's FANTASTIC.

        2. Zuchini sliced lengthwise and about 1/4 inch thick, onion just as thick, tomato 1/2" thick, red/yellow/green pepper cored and quartered, portobello sliced 1/2" thick - all tossed in balsamic, or drizzled with olive oil, or your favorite Italian dressing, S&P, then grill. Char all on high grill (drizzle with your left-over oil or balsamic or dresing while grilling ). Enjoy.
          Side benefit - rough chop any leftovers, toss into a chicken broth, add a pinch of thyme, simmer awhile. Use an immersion blender and make as smooth or chunky as you like - grilled veggie soup.

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          1. re: porker

            I did the zucchini in balsamic tonight--fantastic!

          2. Pam amb tomaquet (pan con tomate). Grill thickly cut country bread, rub with garlic and cut side of tomato, drizzle with olive oil and pinch of salt. Bruschetta- similarly grilled bread rubbed with garlic, drizzled with olive oil, but one can add toppings like diced tomatoes and basil and basil or beans (cannellini or garbanzos seasoned with herbs, vinegar and olive oil), etc.

            Also, this is a lovely grilled vegetable salad from Ottolenghi with asparagus, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and manouri cheese, served with arugula that is dressed in a basil oil. I make it with haloumi cheese rather than manouri and it is a summer favorite. http://eattherightstuff.squarespace.c...

            Or for a Japanese take on grilled vegetables- nasu no miso dengaku (grilled eggplant with a miso sauce).

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            1. re: BigSal

              I love the pan con tomate idea. We'll be doing that very soon. Thank you for the idea!!