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Jul 5, 2011 08:32 PM

Chowhound lunches?


Back in D.C. there were occasional lunchtime gatherings of Chowhounds who wanted to check out a new restaurant or what have you. I'm wondering if that exists here in Seattle or if anyone would be interested. Weekday lunches are best for me, though I'm open to weekends and dinners too.

Especially with Asian food, it's much more fun trying out places with several people, so you can try more. And I haven't lived here long enough to have a group I can call on for serious eating.

  1. SP, I would be interested. Mr. Nelso?

    1. I'd be up for some weekend lunches. During the week, work and transit times make it a tough sell.

      1. I'm interested too! Most of my friends base their restaurant choices on convenience and price (low). Tends to limit our food experiences...

        1. I'm interested. Count me in! I also came from the DC metro area.