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Chowhound lunches?


Back in D.C. there were occasional lunchtime gatherings of Chowhounds who wanted to check out a new restaurant or what have you. I'm wondering if that exists here in Seattle or if anyone would be interested. Weekday lunches are best for me, though I'm open to weekends and dinners too.

Especially with Asian food, it's much more fun trying out places with several people, so you can try more. And I haven't lived here long enough to have a group I can call on for serious eating.

  1. SP, I would be interested. Mr. Nelso?

    1. I'd be up for some weekend lunches. During the week, work and transit times make it a tough sell.

      1. I'm interested too! Most of my friends base their restaurant choices on convenience and price (low). Tends to limit our food experiences...

        1. I'm interested. Count me in! I also came from the DC metro area.

            1. Great. I am happy to organize. Why don't you each toss out a couple dates that work for you, and then we can pick a restaurant. On the latter I'm game for just about anything, since there is so much I haven't tried yet.

              1. My availability is generally pretty open. This weekend is no good for me, but perhaps we should try for the next weekend so that Booklegger can join in? Also, I'd love to check out all the happy hours around town...

                A couple places I'd love to try with CH'ers:

                Savatdee (Roosevelt Way, Seattle)

                Poppy (DT Seattle

                1. I would be interested, although it would be several weeks until I could attend.

                  1. Next Sunday works for me. Had never been to both places recommended by Soypower. Love to try!

                    1. I am away the 16th and 17th - what about the following weekend? Also, I've been to Poppy a few times already. And in fact that's a place where you can enjoy just about all you have to offer with two people and even solo, since their thalis have 7-10 little dishes on them.

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                        Drat! I'm in Victoria the weekend of the 23rd, for the Victoria Taste food festival.

                        1. re: Booklegger451

                          Victoria Taste Food festival sounds great, maybe we should all meet up there :)

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                          I'm open pretty much weekdays and Sundays, as far as I know in advance. Your guys decide.

                        3. You probably already know this, but there are some guidelines issued by Chowhound for organizers of “Chowdowns:” http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/367605. Scroll down through the “replies” section until you reach the caption, “For Organizers of Chowdowns and Other Real Life Meetups.” Although Chowdowns are regularly organized in many cities, to the best of my knowledge, I’m not aware of any that have been organized in Seattle. Hope this helps. Good for you for getting the ball rolling.

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                            I am new to the area from SF & SE Asia board. Is there anyway to contact the organizer?
                            The chowdown guideline link doesn't work anymore.

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                              I believe this is the most recent thread on the topic of chowdowns: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/764553

                              And I believe sweetpotater volunteered to organize? We should probably take this conversation offline and send our contact info to him/her?

                              1. re: soypower

                                Thanks for updating the link to information about chowdowns, soypower. What I got from all the posts in the thread about chowdown guidelines is that the Chowhound site can be used only to announce the chowdown and later to provide a follow-up report on the meal through a new thread, provided that the restaurant did not know that the group was from Chowhound. All organizational details (scheduling, RSVPs, cancellations, etc.) should be done through private e-mails, or through a separate site like Yahoo, Google, or Facebook. Once the chowdown has happened, the organizer should send an e-mail to moderators@chowhound.com to let them know that the event is finished so that Chowhound can unsticky the announcement. So if sweetpotater or someone else wants to organize a chowdown, he or she will need to provide us with an e-mail address or a link to some site other than Chowhound to follow-up on organizing it.

                                If it were me, I’d be a little reluctant to provide my e-mail address on a public site like Chowhound. In some cases, I’ve wanted to privately contact a certain individual Chowhound, but not knowing his or her e-mail address has made this impossible. I don’t know how to get around this problem. But, at least in the case of organizing chowdowns, it would seem best to set up a separate mechanism on Yahoo or some other site to do this, and then announce the existence of that site in connection with the announcement of a chowdown on Chowhound.

                                The 38 replies to the original post on the link you provided explores the many complications and controversies regarding Chowhound’s policies regarding chowdowns, including the problem of the Chowhound moderators deleting posts regarding chowdowns if they feel that the posts violate the Chowhound policies. Perhaps the risk of having a chowdown announcement deleted could be minimized by not mentioning the name of the restaurant in the Chowhound announcement, and only specifying the name of the restaurant through e-mails or the other separate site (Yahoo, et al.).

                          2. We are locking this thread now, please refer to the Chowdown guidelines that are linked to in this thread.