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Jul 5, 2011 07:07 PM

Patara or Mahanaga for Private Dining - Bangkok

I have a party and I need to choose between Patara or Mahanaga - any insight would be much appreciated. I don't live in BKK so I can't check it out before I get there.

This is my thinking so far:

1) Seems that food and service gets better reviews at Patara, wine more expensive than Mahanaga.
2) Mahanaga is more of a design destination, and food reviews as good to so-so, but service isn't very good. Cheaper booze!

On the face of it I would choose Patara but there's a wedding party going on that night as well and I'm not sure how much impact that is going to have on our party.

Is Mahanaga as bad as it seems?

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  1. Which did you go to? I am looking for a high end restaurant for my trip to Bangkok...

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      Hey Cingor,

      I ended up taking a private room at Patara as there were seven of us - and I didn't really see the actual restaurant. It's in a villa so has quite a homely feel. The food is well executed and very tasty with good ingredients, but it's pretty trad. You aren't going to introduced to anything you haven't eaten before, so it's a safe choice rather than an exciting choice. Service were good, we had a great time and the costs were reasonable.

      Since then I've eaten at Nahm and absolutely loved the food - it was punchy stuff. Massive flavours, unusual ingredients and some beautifully crafted dishes. The service staff aren't very organised though so you have to keep on top of them to make sure you get your drinks, menus etc etc when you sit down. Once you've ordered the food, this seems to sort itself out though and the dinner flowed very smoothly. I think David Thompson is doing the Thai's proud.

      I haven't been yet, but next time I'm in BKK I'm going to eat at Bolan as that is meant to be more on the modern/interesting end of the scale again and the chefs have worked with David Thompson before.

      Another restaurant that I send everyone to is Rosabieng in Sukhumvit Soi 11 - it's much more informal, has a huge menu with a lot of Isaan food too and is in a lovely garden setting with live jazz (you can sit inside or out). It opens late (kitchen still serving at 11pm usually), and is cheap as chips. It's certainly not fine dinning, but everyone I send there has loved it, whether it's been with clients or friends.

      1. re: causticcandy

        Thank you so much for the tips! I just sent an email to book Nahm. I think it will be great! We only have 2 nights and I have Lek Seafood booked for the other night. I'll look into Rosabieng as well! Maybe I can do one of them for lunch.

        I tried to book Bolan originally but it was closed when I'm going to be there.

        Thanks again!!!!

        1. re: cingor

          Nahm, then off to Lek. Talk about culture shock!

          Although I haven't been to the Sukhumvit branch, The Rosabieng at Samsen is quite good. I'm sure you'll be pleased.

          Another spot to check, someday, might be Baan Puengchom. It has some dishes not often found around town. Google it for more insight.

          1. re: cingor

            Instead of Lek Seafood, I think you should try T. Restaurant Seafood on Ratchaparop road. I don't think Lek Seafood is all that. There are many more good seafood places in Bangkok. T. Restaurant seafood has amazing quality and popular with the locals. Prices will of course be more than Lek, but you pay for the quality.