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Jul 5, 2011 04:21 PM

Whats the concensus on Someburros?

For myself, I'm a bean and cheese burro fanatic.....and there is no place outside my mothers kitchen that makes the refried beans as good as Someburros, deeeee-licious. Everytime I go, the place is packed. Any location that I do go to, though I usually frequent the Tempe location when in town. My thinking is they must be doing something right to be expanding like they do and for the amount of people that frequent the establishment. I don't know how exactly they get their beans to taste like they do, but I'd LOVE that recipe.....
Any comments on Someburros?????

Andrew in OC
(formerly of Tempe)

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  1. I haven't been back to the North Scottsdale location since it opened. My burro was one-half sour cream because it had been rolled sideways.

    1. They should have named it Somebertos.

      1. The name is so stupid and it looks like such a crappy chain- that I have honestly never been there. However, based on your review, maybe, and I mean maybe, I will give it try....

        1. I've been to the one in Chandler once. I ordered the albondigas soup. two bites and in the trash it went due to the amount of grease in it. Yuck. Husbands tacos were also way too greasy. We've never been back.

          1. The Pollo Fundido there is amazingly good. Never had anything else. It's certainly not fine dining, but many steps up the food chain from Serrano's, et al, while still being below the "quality grease" of a Carolina's or Rito's- kind of a strange middle ground.