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Jul 5, 2011 04:17 PM

Strange Food Commercials

I just saw a commercial for Keurig Coffee.. a couple enters a house for sale and doesn't seem enthused, but after drinking a cup the wife has a vision for the house as though the coffee were some psychoactive drug . Anyone seen other strange food-related commercials?

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  1. A recent commercial for one of those mattress warehouse stores comes to mind. It starts with a waitress bringing a customer a steak and says it is overcooked, but don't worry-it's free. Then all the other patrons ask if the chef will burn their food too. Kinda makes me think they are saying "hey we've got crappy merchandise, but it's really cheap so it's a great deal".

    1. Hands-down the strangest commercials for a product are those made by the Scottish soft-drink company Irn-Bru.

      Look on YouTube. Stranger and more surreal than anything the Japanese do...

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        Ohhhh I love Irrnbru! I wish I could find it in Canada.

        OMG wayyyyyyyy more psychoactive than keurig apparently so messed up

      2. Although this will never air, this is the most bizarre/awesome food commercial EVER. It's for KFC by comedian Peter Serafinowicz. Watch it here:

        David Lynch has some really great ones too, specifically his organic coffee (is it organic? yes, yes it is)