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Jul 5, 2011 04:16 PM

Business as usual on The 15th..??

Hi Houndies.....

At long last nearing the commencement of our first Non-winter sojourn in France. Have one night in Paris at the beginning ( and then at the end) with 2 weeks in a Burgundy farmhouse in between. Very excited to finally not have to think about snow and ice while planning repas....

Mon question: do you think biz will be usual on Friday the 15th, or might some folks close up for le long Holiday Weekend??

Merci- and comme toujours, I promise to post.

P.S. FYI - iPad really wanted to change toujours to "glum IRS"..... how American....

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  1. Auto correct at it's finest! Look forward to your Burg report. Where abouts is the farmhouse this trip?

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    1. re: DaTulip

      Between Autun and Beaune, not far from Arnay LeDuc.... Don't even know WHAT to eat in Burgundy en ete, but trusting I'll figure it out...

      1. re: Gman

        Try the patron saint of ferme-auberges: Ferme de la Ruchotte, not far from you. But it is a functioning farm and operates a restaurant for only a couple of meals a week.

    2. In keeping with French tradition, (any excuse for a Holiday) many businesses will close on 15 juillet this year!

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        Merci Da and Parigi and Merci Menton - I'll step up my dinner search. Only have one dinner in Paris this trip, staying on the Ile St. Louis and not wanting too much of a shlep cause we'll be a bit jet-lagged, but also wanting to take in a bit of Paree... am thinking maybe La Gaigne (never been for dinner) Chez Denise (ditto)...