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Jul 5, 2011 04:13 PM

Wine shops in Venice

Looking for a wine shop in Venice. Good selection, reasonable prices. Thanks,

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  1. I think the best wine shop in Venice is Drogheria Mascari near the Riato market on Rugo degli Spezier. Once inside the shop, one has to go through a small door to the back wine cellar. They have an excellent selection of wines at fair prices from Italy and beyond. Other than the numerous shops that fill my bottles with inexpensive Friuli wines, Mascari is where I buy most of my wines. Vino et Vini on Sal Pignater near Cp S. Giovanni e Paolo has a excellent selection and well priced. More designer and worth browsing is I Tre Mercanti on Cp S Giovanni e Paolo in Castello. I would start with the above.
    A few good smaller stores are:
    Majer on Cp San Agostino in San Polo; Majer is a small chain of pastecceria but only the San Polo location has wines.
    Bottiglieria Colonna de Perzolla near Cp San Lio on calle de la Fava
    Enoteca Cantine del Vino Gia Schiavi in Dorsoduro on San Trovaso is a terrific wine bar but also has a small selection of good Italian wines
    Dolceamaro on Sottoportego de la Bassa, near the Rialto bridge in Castello is a confection shop but has a good small selection of Italian wines. Own by the same people as the excellent wine bar, Un Mondo d'Vino, therefore, they know wine.

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      Thanks PBSF for the thorough review.

    2. My favorite wine shops are Bottegon giĆ  Schiavi and Vino e Vini that PBSF mentioned, and Millevini, just off the Rialto bridge on the San Marco side on the Ramo del Fontego dei Tedeschi.

      Co-owner Lorenzo is extraordinarily knowledgeable and appassionato, and they have a broad selection of wines from small producers as weil as the better known ones, from across the Tri-Veneto and across the country. They also have a fine selection of bubbly, from Champagne to Trento & Franciacorta metodo classico, along with Prosecco of course, and spirits and liquors of all sorts. He's also happy to advise. (I think he is out of the store on Mondays and Thursdays, but whoever is there will be just as capable).

      PBSF, you must stop by next time you're here -- see what you think. (And...Mondo di Vino has changed hands you know, unfortunately...)

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        Thank you for the recommendation of MilleVini. I'll have drop by on our short stay in October. I did not know about Mondo di Vino; did not make it there this April. how recent?

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          We had very good and enjoyable experiences at Mille vini. Lorenzo seemed to understand our price point and made some really nice recs. Returning for the second time, we got a little sconto for being regulars. And we got nice attention even though there was a guy in there, at the same time, buying suit cases of high end wines.

      2. Did this once. Local stuff all by varietal. Nothing great..but interesting: