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Jul 5, 2011 04:04 PM

Healthy Food in Paris?

Does anyone have suggestions on how/where to eat healthily (e.g., *whole-grain* breads, pastas, cereals, brown rice, whole-wheat cous-cous; protein sources *not* comprised of mammals; cheese-free, cream-free dishes, etc.) in Paris? I'll be staying at an apartment in the 10th arrondissement from July 12 to 19, and assume that finding fresh produce will be easy enough -- but would love tips on healthy bakeries, restaurants and shops, too. Thanks! (-:

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  1. It is really easy, fresh healthy produce is abundant. France has its fair share of processed food but there is so much high quality produce that it is fairly easy to have a very healthy diet.

    However, you will miss a lot if you stick with healthy = whole-food paradigm. In France the market hasn't polarised as it has in certain countries so you don't need to go to health food or whole-food shops for great produce, simply shop like the locals do.

    As for restaurants, bakeries etc they are also not a problem since they use the same great produce and treat it with a lot of respect. Any restaurant loved by Paris hounds will serve healthy food - fresh salads are common and make a great lunch option.

    Even the meat, chicken, fish, butters, creams and cheeses are perfectly healthy when consumed in moderation. Much French produce is raised traditionally and the quality products have to achieve very high standards to use the designation labels. So good French beef isn't pumped full of hormones or antibiotics and thus is perfectly healthy - so you can safely eat mammals and stay healthy.

    That said the biggest risk to healthy eating in Paris is gluttony, there is so much great food it is easy to overeat.

    1. As Phil described, there is plenty of healthy food in Paris, but not much like the kind of food you describe. Try the Naturalia stores for your restrictive dietary products.

      1. Same with the other posters; one will always find excellent seafood in most restaurants and rarely find cheese with it, less and less with cream; difficult to do without some butter; portions are small, therefore, it need not to be 'unhealthy'. "Healthy bakeries' is an oxymoron as what makes pastries worth eating are excellent butter, cream, eggs, etc. Most posters on this board who live in Paris or spend a large amount of time there love food and eat 'healthy' by eating a balance diet. You won't get many recommendations for restaurants that eschew "protein sources not comprised of mammals and cheeses and uses brown rice, etc.
        If you cook in your apartment, there should be no problem finding good produce, meat, etc, at most markets; the Sunday Raspail is all organic. Most boulangeries will have whole grain breads; especially good are the chain of Moisan, Kayser; even the ubiquious chain of Paul will have some. Forget about looking for a whole wheat croissant. The chain of Naturalia stores will have whole-wheat cous-cous and all the other grains, flour and staples for cooking in your apartment.

        1. Thank you for the tips! (-:

          1. There's always Bob's Kitchen, an almost vegan canteen (74 rue des Gravilliers in the 3e).

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              Cooking - I thought the OP wanted healthy?