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Jul 5, 2011 02:32 PM

Afternoon layover in Buffalo

Urgent: I will be in Buffalo tomorrow!

I am coming from Toronto and will have 3 or 4 hours to kill before catching a flight to Chicago. My question in three parts:

1) Should I get some original wings at Anchor or (since I can get very good wings elsewhere) should I get a genuine Beef on Weck?

2) If I should get a Beef on Weck where should I go?


3) To either Anchor or the Beef-on-Weck joint to be named is there a fast and cheap way to get there and back from the airport?

Please let me know ASAP!

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  1. Here's a thread from less than a year ago about where to get the best Beef on Weck in Buffalo:

    As for getting anywhere to or from the airport, the moderators tell us that's beyond the scope of Chowhound (I'm not holding out on you--I've never been to Buffalo).

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      I realize this is too late for the original poster but others might have the same questions.

      The Anchor Bar has a branch in the Buffalo airport, so that's easy. They have beef on weck, but I wouldn't say it's the best in Buffalo. Nor are their wings, really.

      There's a lot of debate about the best beef on weck, but Charlie the Butcher certainly makes the list, and it is very near the airport. Not really walkable but should be a cheap cab trip. For wings, Duffs is the best bet. The Amherst branch is near us--about fifteen minutes from the airport, probably $20 in a cab.

      Charlie the Butcher
      495 Main St, East Aurora, NY 14052