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Tabirizi Bakery Watertown - What am I missing?

Science Chick Jul 5, 2011 02:10 PM

I've been itching to check this place out and was passing by today. Sampled a few of the cookies. Although everything looked lovely, I have to say that these were the most dreadful excuse for cookies that I've encountered in a while. Almond macaroons, some small twists with powdered sugar and a puff pastry type thing topped with sesame seeds (forgive me, I can't remember the names of these). Nothing had any flavor of any kind whatsoever, including the almond macaroon. Clearly made with some type of generic shortening and tasted of it. I took one bite of each and then ditched them...didn't want to waste the calories on these.

I've seen some nice posts here, so I'm wondering is there some specialty that I missed out on? What a disappointment. Kicked myself that I just hadn't gone down the street to Sevan and purchased a few heavenly pastries instead......

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  1. Bob Dobalina RE: Science Chick Jul 5, 2011 02:31 PM

    I *think* the macaroons are actually walnut, rather than almond. They might have both, but I have only ever had the walnut (or I have been eating almond and thinking they were walnut)
    I thought they were pretty scrumptious and walnuty. Not sure about the twists or sesame seed thing -

    The cookies that come to mind as being interesting and delish:

    The butter cookies with the raisins - maybe it's shortening I am tasting...but I thought it was all buttery goodness.

    Chickpea flour cookies - these are tiny and have four little bulbs - almost look like a clover - but raised - I am honestly not sure I really like them, but they are curious enough for me to keep eating them.

    Rosewater cookies - these are pale, tiny swirls with poppy seeds on them - if you like rosewater...

    I think there are some apricot-y type things -

    Overall, I like them as lighter and having more variety than the Sevan/Arax cookies.

    I will stop in this weekend and try to get a better answer...

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      Science Chick RE: Bob Dobalina Jul 6, 2011 06:56 AM

      The macaroons were labeled as "almond" but, as I said, there was no nut flavor whatsoever, almond or otherwise. The rosewater/poppyseed sounds appealing, as do the raisin cookies....although if they aren't made with real butter I probably wouldn't like them (I detest most shortenings in cookies and can usually tell the difference--fine with its use in other things though, like doughnuts!!! :0).

      Thanks to everyone for pointing the way for me. I'll give them one more try.

    2. StriperGuy RE: Science Chick Jul 5, 2011 02:32 PM

      Aaaah, so you tried the wrong things. Some are quite boring.

      I like their almond macaroons well enough, but it is the WALNUT macaroons that are amazing and addictive. Also the chick pea flour cookies are very unusual as are the rice flour rose water cookies.

      The walnut macaroon is far and away the fav. The other stuff can be a bit unusual/subtle, but the walnut macaroon is in my top 5 cookie category in Boston (ooh there's a theme for a post.)

      1. Pia RE: Science Chick Jul 5, 2011 07:56 PM

        I agree -- I went in there for the first time recently and ordered one of each cookie. Didn't love any of them and didn't like some of them. I found them to be mostly bland and sugary. (Very nice people there, though, and maybe some of their non-cookie items are better.) I am Indian so the rose water and chickpea flour aren't exotic for me -- maybe that makes a difference?

        1. t
          trueblu RE: Science Chick Jul 6, 2011 03:16 AM

          As others have stated, the walnut macaroons "gerdoo-ee" are really spectactular, especially when fresh: recently, he's taken them out of the freezer, and they're not as good. The other standout item is the persian style napolean pastry: v. good indeed, if you like the mega-cream dose! The cream puffs are not great, the almond macaroons are only OK. The rice-flour cookies and the raisin cookies are pretty good, but I've had a lot better.


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