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Jul 5, 2011 02:01 PM

Chocolate Pairings?

I recently got into sitting down with some red wine or champagne and enjoying it with chocolate.

I am a New Englander, so I am only aware of a chocolates like Taza and Lake Champlain for better than average chocolate.

Are there any recommendations for internet available or local options?

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  1. For wines or chocolate? or both?

    I'd suggest a Mas Amiel if you're in need of something to drink with bittersweet.

    1. Now, much depends on the chocolate, but a demi-sec Champagne can go very, very well.

      If there are some other elements, like raspberries, then a good Merlot can work quite well.



      1. Bourbon, coffee, port, Maury, PX...

        In other words, anything but red table wine. I'm not in love with bubbles here, either.

        1. For chocolate:
          TCHO --
          Michael Recchiuti --

          For wine:
          No. Not me. I don't like the combination, personally, but the best matches I've found would include something like a 10-Year Old Tawny Porto, an Australian tawny or an aged Banyuls. But really, to my palate, I'd prefer coffee.


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            Thank you very much for these links...they look amazing. Might have to do some ordering!

          2. Banyuls has the been the match I have liked the most.