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Jul 5, 2011 01:35 PM

Homemade beef patties

Just went out and had some mediocre Jamaican food over at Maams Jamaican.

Now I'm looking for some good homemade curry chicken or veggie Patties.....any suggestions.

Not saying that everything in NY is better but I lived down the block from Christie's Jamaican Patties
in Brooklyn.

Their patties and Coco Bread are sooo good the the NYC apple bus tour stops there!

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  1. In Broward, on 12th & SR7/441 there are at least 4 jamaican bakeries in a 1 block radius. There's Charlies Pastries on the south side of 12th in the Lauderhill Mall that supplies to a great deal of South Fl, there's Golden Krust, which I haven't been to; there is 5 Star which I also cannot vouch for and there is Hammond's Bakery which is my personal favorite. There is a location in between 5 Star & Golden Crust on 12th & 441 and a Miami location at 7847 NW 27th Ave Miami Gardens, FL 33056.
    Further, I suggest you find yourself a Donna's or a Jerk Machine (local chains) and have yourself a good n' proper meal AND a patty (patty types usually limited to beef at Donnas or Jerk Machine).

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    1. re: SouthFloridaFoodNerd

      Ate @ Jerk machine a few years ago (not impressed) will make it up that way one of these years. Also stopped eating meat about 3 years ago when my heart gave out... but on occasion will breakdown and still have oxtail!

      1. re: Bigstu99

        "stopped eating meat about 3 years ago when my heart gave out"

        Just curious . . . Why is the title of your post, "Homemade Beef Patties"?

        1. re: Alfred G

          So sue me If I said veggie Patties nobody knows what I'm taking about.....

        2. re: Bigstu99

          best oxtail in broward: las colinas on thursdays. worth the heart attack.

      2. The best patties I've had in South Florida are from Sonia's in Kendall. However, I don't think they have veggie. I always get the spicy beef.