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Pappy Van Winkle in DC?

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I'm new to town and don't know the good liquor stores. Anyone know who carries Pappy Van Winkle when it's released? Preferably in Northwest DC.


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  1. I've never looked for it, but Ace Beverage and/or Calvert Woodley would be good places to start. I'd give them a call.

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      S & S in Takoma Park on the red line, also a place on Cap Hill on Mass Ave has the 23 year old

    2. I've found it at Modern Liquors at 9th and M. If you can't find it there, I second the recommendation for ACE Beverage.

      1. Thanks all!

        1. Go see Steve at Potomac Liquors on M street in Georgetown. Old Glory (practically catty corner from Potomac across M st) serves it at the bar.

          Old Glory
          3139 M St. N.W., Washington, DC 20007

          1. What is it and why did they name if after me?

            - Pappy

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              Because you are the maker of the considered best bourbon there is, as well as the hardest to get.

              1. re: Pappy

                Also because you look so fetching on the label:


                For those who are interested, I think the next release of Pappy is supposed to happen in October.

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                  I think we use the same haberdasher!

              2. I'm pretty sure Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits does.


                1. anyone know where you can buy Pppy Van Winkle 20 and 23 bourbon ?

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                    If you mean bottles - all of this years release sold out in roughly 30 seconds. You can find it through 3rd party vendors, but you will pay about 10X the actual retail price. I was lucky enough to snag a two bottles of each vintage (with the exception of the 23) from the PA state liquor distributor, it's pretty glorious.

                    I have no idea where you'll find a shot, but prepare to pay ~ 90 dollars a pour for the 20. Try Bourbon in Glover Park.

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                      The other poster is exaggerating a little bit in terms of finding a pour. I was just at The Dignitary located in the new Marriott at 901 Massachusetts Ave Nw. They had the 23, the 12, and the 10. The 23yr was $50 a pour. The 12yr was something around $22 a pour and then the 10yr about $15 a pour.

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                        How many ounces was that pour? That seems shockingly low for the 23. As I've seen the 20 in Philly at 90 for a 1.5 oz pour.