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Jul 5, 2011 12:08 PM

Gourmet & Organic Supermarkets in Calgary

Are there any good Organic/Gourmet supermarkets in Calgary?

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  1. Are you looking city wide or in a particular quadrant? It's easily an hour drive from the northern most suburbs to the southern city limits and quite a drive east to west. If you were able to narrow down your scope we could give you specific recommendations.

    Otherwise my list of favorites includes:

    Sidewalk Citizen Bakery:
    Blush Lane:
    Sunterra Market (3 locations)
    Planet Organic (2 locations)
    Community Natural Foods (3 locations)
    Salsita - latin grocery
    T&T Superstores - asian grocery
    CRMR at home

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      1. re: maplesugar

        also, bite groceteria in inglewood

          1. re: ceylont

            Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

          2. re: maplesugar

            Don't forget Cookbooks Co on 11th Ave SW! They have a wide selection of pantry items.

            Mercato on 4th St SW is a small Italian market/restaurant & cafe.

            Lina's Italian Market has a huge selection of European goods with a huge Italian deli.

            I'm blanking on the exact name but there's a ready-to-go food place in Marda Loop that I think it called Fresh. They have a pretty good spread.

            I love Silk Road Spices, now in Inglewood too.

            1. re: cellophane_star

              How could I forget Cookbook Co & Lina's? Thanks cellophane_star :)

              Lina's is the best place to get Raincoast Crisps of all things - they're usually a dollar or two cheaper at Lina's than anywhere else. It's also the only place I know of in Calgary to get Cannoli and sfogliatelle, and fresh figs by the case -- although you can probably find the later at a Farmers Market about now.

              Cookbook Co. is where I go to get some of the harder to find spices and cookbooks. I keep meaning to try Silk Road but I'm not in Inglewood as often as I am downtown.


              1. re: maplesugar

                No prob! ;) And thank you for adding the links.

                Silk Road Spices also has a booth at the Calgary Farmer's Market but I prefer the atmosphere of their full-on store. Their Ramsay location (which closed when they moved to Inglewood) was gorgeous. Also, I'm pretty sure they still sell Aviv Fried/Sidewalk Citizen's breads & scones so it's a two-for-one stop!

                Another gourmet food shop is Savour Fine Foods, also in Inglewood. It's almost a smaller version of Cookbooks Co but I've found some neat things in there, plus the ladies who run it are super nice.

                Just thought of another one: Amaranth Foods. It's somewhere up in the NW so I've never been.

                1. re: cellophane_star

                  You know I forgot about Amaranth too. It's up just north of the Crowfoot Y. I hate to say it but once Planet Organic opened over near Market Mall I basically quit heading to Amaranth because it was out of the way for me.

                  Excellent store if you're in the area though. Amaranth is where I first found & fell in love with Hotchkiss Produce.

          3. There's also the new one - Market 17 that opened.

            Community and Blush Lane are my favourites.

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            1. re: foodkarma

              I love Cookbook Co, just wish I could afford to buy some of their especially delicious items - like trout pate (around $22.00 ). I usually shop at Community on 10 Ave, about two blocks away from Coop, and a block away from Olive Chicken. The deli food is reasonably priced and tasty. The meats are good value too.

              1. re: foodkarma

                Checked out Market 17 on monday after work and was really impressed. Its a great shopping option for the area lacking in decent fresh selection. (a couple corner stores, LP Foods and Westbrook Safeway and a small cold meat deli are the closest competition) As far as I was told by the friendly customer service clerk, everything in the store is certified organic, which sorta made me cringe at first. I dont buy organic that often, and i have heard that the price tag of organic produce could be daunting so I carefully picked through the selection that they had. I found things there that I had not seen in a regular grocery store, like golden beats and garlic scapes? watermelon radish? I love to try new and crazy things so i left the produce area happy. Wandered the isles next scoping out the selection and price ranges. Unlike some specialty markets (*cough*Freshkitchen *cough*) they had a range pf price points for their products, not just one high price organice pureed tomato, but also a mediumly priced bottle and even a cheaper priced jar. This pattern seemed to continue with the pastas, speciality breads, and soup choices. I like this approachable tactic of an organic food store, especially in that area, because it allows people who may not have a lot set aside for a food budget to enjoy some quality food. HUUUUGE meat selection, WOW, fresh bison and fresh chickens. I am sort of on a veggie kick right now, but its good to know i dont have to go to second to none meats all the time, I do have some choice. =) I like choice.

                This has started to Run on a little, maybe ill make a seperate post, but over all i spent about 100 dollars, and its filled the pantry and fridge for my boyfriend and I for a week at least. Not to mention i feel great about the food i am eating too. I dont think i could ever exclusively buy my groceries from an organic market (10 dollars for a lb of blueberries??) because i would have to give up a lot of food i love, but this place is worth a look! ( also, you can get citizen bakery bread there Booyah!)

                1. re: Lingcullen

                  Thanks for the review, Lingcullen! Did you walk there or drive? And if you drove, did you have trouble finding parking? It looks like an odd corner, with bad access--but I've never tried to actually get there before.

                  1. re: aktivistin

                    Lots of on street parking across 17th ave and down 24th st from it. as mentioned below i did hear there is parking right under the building too. If you parked anywhere in the surrounding residential areas it would be easy to get at.

                    i took the number 2 bus there and walked home to bankview from there.

                  2. re: Lingcullen

                    It's in a newly constructed apartment complex (Casel) at 17 Ave & 24 St SW - I assume it's main floor and part of a complex called Casel Marché. According to the Casel Marché website, they have 30 indoor parking stalls. From their website it looks like Casel Marché occupies 2 floors - not shabby by appearance - haven't been there - all through google.

                    website for Casel Marché:

                    website for Market 17:

                    Market 17
                    2505 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1J2, CA

                2. Bite Groceteria in Inglewood is worth checking out for specialty items as well as i like Scarpones (great West Italian) 5130 Skyline Way Ne (they have prepared meals without additives, good deli selections)
                  if looking for reasonably priced organic produce...check out the calgary coops. they have organic specials on ever week :)