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Jul 5, 2011 11:28 AM

Venues around Bankers Hall - afterwork social

I have a budget of around $500 for an afterwork social for 25-30 people in early August. Any venue ideas, walking distance from Banker's Hall? The norm is usually drinks/food (was thinking West's rooftop patio - not a fan of their food or service though)
Guiseppes was another idea of mine - maybe a team cooking class?



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  1. Well - I did a bit of research and noshing
    The Cellar is an excellent place for an afterwork social, but pricey. Scotch tasting there was tops
    I picked Palomino - good pulled pork according to some local reports
    West - the rooftop patio is a lot of fun. Service/food is still terrible!

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    1. re: ekim256

      Palomino doesn't seem to be veggie friendly, so I think that's being nixed
      Someone mentioned V Lounge...

    2. Erin, I think you need to speak to the boss about doubling (at least) the budget for this event. $17-$20 pp, including tax and tip gets you around two drinks pp or one drink and a shared appetizer at most places downtown. Your suggested venue, West has starters in the $7-$15 range, so it is not an option unless everyone has fries and a small beer. And that never happens when the company is buying.

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      1. re: Scary Bill

        :-( Our budget is super tight! It's tough downtown!

      2. If you want to do a team cooking class, you could call Cookbooks Co on 11th Ave. For that budget & number of people, I'm not sure it would work though. They charge $90 per person for their regular 3 hour classes.

        Just throwing out some ideas... Home Tasting Room on Stephen Ave might be an option. There's also a new chocolatier across the street from it (Coppeneur?) that might be able to offer something neat.

        Home Tasting Room
        110 8th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1B3, CA

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        1. re: cellophane_star

          fantastic ideas! Will look into it...

        2. I think the new Sunterra on Macleod does cooking classes on their second floor. They might be a bit cheaper than Cookbook Co.

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          1. re: Bananna85

            I wonder if the Sunterra @ BHW does anything...hmm! Macleod isn't walking distance, so it won't work for this time...but maybe a future engagement idea...thanks!

            1. re: ekim256

              I doubt BHW does this. The MacLeod location has a specific place with a dedicated kitchen for classes & private events. It's really not that far outside of the Core... Just a few blocks south of the Calgary Tower.

          2. Given the size of your group and your budget, I would recommend The Unicorn. Great pub food, very friendly staff and lots of experience at hosting work groups. They have a patio if its a nice day and a number of semi-private areas downstairs. I work nearby and my office frequently has post-work gatherings there. Another place to consider in new. Its The Libertine, next door to Flames Central in the old Henry VIII space. Went there twice and enjoyed it. Learned later that it is owned and managed by The Unicorn folks. More of a restaurant than a pub and a little pricier but good patio and food.

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            1. re: HaggisMan

              sounds like a great idea!! Thanks Mr. Haggis :-)