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Jul 5, 2011 10:58 AM

Teen "foodie" in ATL

My family and I plan on traveling to ATL for my birthday and I would love if anybody could give some recommendations for fun food/cooking related activities within the area. It could be anything, cooking classes, great restaurants. I just really want to do something fun and food related since I love to cook and bake.

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  1. I know that Cook's Warehouse offers cooking classes.

    Piedmont Park hosts a small farmer's market every Saturday.

    1. I agree with the Cook's Warehouse reco from Zusie. They have 3 locations--I'd just pick whatever is closest to your hotel. They also have Simple Abundance classes that are hosted by popular Atlanta restaurant chefs, and the proceeds to go the Atlanta Food Bank. It's a very fun evening and you feel good knowing your $ went to a good cause. You don't cook--you watch the chef prepare the meal, you get a small portion of every dish, and you get the recipes. They also have wine tasting and door prizes at the Simple Abundance classes. If you'd prefer a "hands on" class, Cook's Warehouse has those too.

      1. Make sure to visit the Dekalb farmers market too. If you love food & cooking, you'll really enjoy it.

        1. Thank you guys!
          When doing some research online I saw the website for Cook's Warehouse class offerings. I'm glad someone recommended it since I was scared it would be a waste of money!
          I will be sure to discuss these ideas :)