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Jul 5, 2011 10:15 AM


We had lunch today at Septime. The immediate comparison is with Rino. We loved the unexpected combinations that worked without exception such as purée of green bean soup with strawberry cream, lamb belly bacon with smoked mozzarella and potatoes, pork chop with tiny grilled baby leeks and fava purée, cod with zucchini, tarragon and fresh currants. And as far as I'm concerned, the riz au lait with caramel served with a quenelle of plum sorbet knocks the socks off that at L'AJ. At lunch, three courses with a glass of house-selected red or white wine was 26€.

Portion sizes are very manageable. They may seem small to some but we were delighted to walk out into the sizzling afternoon heat not feeling stuffed and overwhelmed.

Service is sweet. We were, in fact, scheduled for dinner last week but I had to cancel because of illness. They did everything to reschedule us, finally compromising on today's lunch. The place was packed.

A very happy and delicious lunch.

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  1. Will have to try this place on our next visit. Sounds very interesting, unique, and delicious. Thanks for the report.

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    1. re: Kurtis

      Us too. This review, considered with others I've seen (including on PBM) pushes us over the edge and leads us to Septime in Septembre. -- Jake

      1. re: Jake Dear

        Quick report back: We very much enjoyed dinner at Septime two weeks ago. Overall, in terms of ambiance, service and food, our comparison would be to Spring, more than to Rino. Further extending comparisons: We dined at Frenchie and Septime on consecutive nights, and we preferred Septime. -- Jake

        1. re: Jake Dear

          Jake, and others who have visited Septime, it's good to read reports that one doesn't emerge completely stuffed.

          I was looking for a restaurant to eat at for our last dinner in Paris. We are eating at Guy Savoy at midday so I was looking for a 9pm reservation for the evening - does Septime fit the bill or is the 55-euro prix fixe just too much food in all likelihood? Thanks in advance.

          1. re: ManInTransit

            After eating at G Savoy for lunch, l walked a ton then eventually collapsed in a daze from overeating/overdrinking. No way in hell l could eat another meal that day. Savoy took almost 4 hours.

            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              That is good advice and I suspected as much. There is a sadness at having to give up one dinner but I think we will be able to live with it.

              1. re: ManInTransit

                Septime also offers a la carte choices, so you could go and decide to have a few starters instead of an entire meal. In any case, the portions are modest and relatively light.

                1. re: Nancy S.

                  Thanks Nancy, your recommendation carries a lot of weight as I know we share very similar tastes in London restaurants.

    2. Thanks, goes on my list as well.

      1. Trying to make a booking for one online and no luck. Not the place for solo diners?