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Jul 5, 2011 10:09 AM

Great NJ Beer Stores

There are some really great beer stores in NJ, and I used to keep a list. Problem is I could drive near any of them on a highway and not realize which town I'm in; I'm not great on Jersey geographics. So I'm trying to figure our which are accessible when driving thru the state.

Two highly accessible beer stores I know about:

Fort Lee: Linwood Wine 102 Linwood Plaza....super convenient to GW Bridge, and

Hoboken: Sparrow Wine and Liquor 126 Washington St.....super convenient to Holland Tunnel

So......are there any really great beer stores within a couple miles of the Turnpike, or 80, or 17? Not "good" beer stores, I mean great ones?

And: are any of these (from my old list) still open, still good, and/or near Turnpike, 80, or 17?

Manasquan: Spirit of '76 Wines & Liquors 119 Taylor Ave 732-223-3180 ยท

Boonton: Liquor Outlet Wine Cellars 289 Myrtle Avenue (866) 454-7688

Mahwah: Mahwah Wine and Liquors 340 Ridge Road 201-327-3600

Wayne: Gary's Wine & Marketplace 1308 Route 23 North (973) 633-3900 great beer store

morris plains: bottle king beer 201-285-1226 34 miles

South Plainfield:Oak Tree Discount Wine and Spirits 902 Oaktree Ave. 908-561-0051 great beer store, they have limfjords porter

North Plainfield: sell rite beer n. plainfield 908-756-0400 31 miles

Clinton: clinton beer wine and spirtis in clinton 908-735-9655 59 miles

Ramsey: ramsey beer 47 W Main St 201-327-0353 28 miles

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  1. Total Wine in River Edge is pretty good with a large selection of beer and MicroBrews. It's 5-10 minutes from Fort Lee and the GWB with easy access off and back onto Route 4

    1. Shop Rite Liquors in Caldwell. Nick and his staff have a wide variety and are extremely knowledgeable.

      1. Some good ones there including Oak Tree and Ramsey. Have only been to so many myself but Ill throw in:

        Martin's Liquors (State Highway 38 & Marter Ave, Mt Laurel, NJ (856) 235-2273) which you could hit with a softball from the Turnpike. Has a decent selection (and a Dunkin Doughnuts has replaced the deli...).

        Theres also a Canal's in Marlton that has a selection worth checking out. (


        Hops & Grapes is a nice shop in the Total Beverage style of liquor stores. (810 North Delsea Drive, Glassboro, NJ (856) 582 - 8110) although it is 7 or 8 miles off the Turnpike.

        Super Savor in Pennington (used to be Circle Liquor) is a bit out of the way but is infamous for having some crazy beers available. Not sure how they get them. As in like the full line of Samichlaus going back 15 years. Even was rumored to have sold Westy 8's on more than one occasion. And their regular every day selection is pretty solid too.

        1. Spirit of '76 in Manasquan is close to 40 minutes from the Turnpike and even further from Routes 17 and 80. More importantly, the beer selection, though having improved in the past 2 years, is short of great. A better beer store in the area is Jonathon Ron Liquors, 629 Higgins Avenue, in Brielle.

          1. Funny, we just went to Oak Tree for the first time this weekend. They did have a good selection though it was a bit picked over due to the holiday. But I'm looking forward to going back once they have a chance to restock.

            Joe Canal's in Woodbridge/Iselin not only has a good beer selection but it also offers growlers. The growlers are usually of beers that you wouldn't find at your normal beer stores.