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Jul 5, 2011 09:56 AM

Kane Steakhouse

Has anyone been yet? We would like to try it this week but want some feedback first.

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  1. lee schrager ate there last night, you can see his tweet--he liked it. other celebs have been there also. the pace is fantastic and the food is great!!!!! ask for michael gage as your server please!!

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    1. re: mwgage

      thanks michael, we know Jonnie from Bal Harbour and thought we would stop in this week. Will certainly ask for you........

      1. re: dlgc

        I was impressed. We had the crab cake and the duck fat potato chips as apps. The chips came with a salsa and a cheesy dip that my husband almost drowned in. I'm not a chip person but my hub was obsessed with the chips and almost snapped at the poor waiter when he tried to remove it to make room.

        The steak was perfectly cooked and luscious and the miso marinated cod was pretty good (not sublime or great but pretty good).

        As if that weren't enough, we split the fried s'mores for dessert. It was, as you can imagine, very good. My husband went back with a buddy and was equally impressed.

        1. re: jessierandall

          We were there last night and not impressed.

          The Kane salad was good, nothing amazing or different about it, just a salad. The miso marinated cod was less than average, it had a strange taste and the presentation was odd, it was rolled up into a coil and looked like a eel, not pleasing to the eye. The filet was cooked perfectly but no where as tender or flavorful as the filet at Red. Service was adequate but nothing special. There are far better steak houses on the beach.

          1. re: dlgc

            Went last weekend. The new design is lovely but somehow the space is still somewhat loud despite the fact that the dining room was not full when we left at 11:30. The service was simply awful. Our table of four had to ask the waiter to take our drink orders more than once and then we also had to make a special request for our wine selection as well....! After ordering the wine---we were told that they were out of the bottle we had chosen. We noticed our waiter slowly typing other orders onto a nearby computer screen and this may have resulted in the long delay we experienced in being asked for our food orders. The Kane salad was fair, burrata and wedge salads were better. We ate steaks and fish but nothing was great or comes close to similar dishes at Red or Prime 112. Lobster mac and cheese and creamed spinach were both good. Sweet potatoe fries were tasty (and quite sweet rather than salty) but onion rings were not very good at all. Doughnuts for dessert were very good but another minty dessert (which I can't fully recall) fell short and was left relatively uneaten. I wanted to like Kane the experience was less than stellar.