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Jul 5, 2011 09:39 AM

What's Your Favorite Malbec's............

What's your favorite Malbec wines from $10/bottle to $50/bottle. Thanks.

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  1. At t he low end I'd try Tilia from Argentina. Retails for roughly $12.00 CDN. Probably around the same in US$. Or for a little more punch Bodega Norton (also from the Mendoza region in Argentina I believe) for roughly $20.00 CDN.

    1. Dolium ,with an underground winery in Mendoza, produces four levels of Malbec. From their entry level simple one to a special vineyard designated example. My go to is their third level up, their riserva. Big and jammy, l love it. Know sold at Garnet in Manhattan.

      1. For the $10-$20 Range - I really like Gascon

        1. In the $10 range I like the La Puerta, $25 range - LUCA, $40+ range Acheval Ferrer

          1. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the *original* Malbec wine . . . Cahors!

            Château du Cèdre
            Château Haut-Monplaisir
            Domaine La Bérangeraie