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Jul 5, 2011 08:28 AM

Clematis in West Palm Beach's "Longboards" brings "New England-style, fresh seafood with a casual, laid-back ambiance"

Looks like a tasty new opening for West Palm courtesy of clean plate Charlie
Seems like the place should be open 7 days a week courtesy of their facebook page.
looks cool and tasty full raw bar, trio of crabcakes, brisket tacos...I can’t wait to try it!

“ Clematis St. in West Palm Beach has a new addition: Welcome Longboards Restaurant and Bar, which will be celebrating its grand opening with complimentary food and drink Saturday, July 2, from 5 p.m. to midnight. “

“The latest venture for South Florida restauranteur Rodney Mayo -- of nearby establishments including Feelgood's Rock Bar, Respectables and Monarchy Night Club to name a few -- Longboards brings New England-style, fresh seafood with a casual, laid-back ambiance to West Palm Beach's downtown scene.“

“The menu specializes in organic and local produce, with seafood delicacies such as live Maine lobster and a decked-out raw bar. The restaurant will, of course, be offering a veritable plethora of local-caught fresh fish entrees, as well.

Don't be surprised to find your typical seafood favorites done up top-notch. Appetizers like "Trio of Cakes," a pairing of lobster tarragon, shrimp and chorizo, and jumbo lump crab cakes served alongside pepper butter, key lime aioli and lemon caper aioli ($14). Or the sumac-dusted fried calamari with cornmeal-encrusted vinegar peppers and chipotle aioli ($10).

Entrees offer everything from your classic catch of the day, chicken, pork and steak, to more off-beat items like the beef brisket tacos and a Wagyu beef hot dog.

But a new twist on oysters makes for an intriguing dish with Longboard's specialty carpetbagger oysters, served cornmeal-crusted with truffle whipped potatoes, duck proscuitto and a truffle ailoli ($12).

A must try on our minds: anything lobster! Especially the "authentic" New England-style lobster roll ($15), or lobster tacos topped off with avocado mousse and served with corn and radish salsa.

At the bar you'll find equally enticing creativity with a menu of house made mixes and fresh juice-infused cocktails. There will also be an extensive craft and specialty beer selection. “

519 Clematis Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
(561) 833-4660

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  1. Any reviews on this place?

    It's run by a solid management group - the same team behind DaDa and relayed to Tryst - so I am hopeful.

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    1. re: CFByrne

      I am going this weekend, I will write a review. :)

      1. re: CFByrne

        Is DaDa worthy of a drive from PBG? I just saw their menu and it looks good to me.

        1. re: freakerdude

          I don't know that I"d make the drive. Having said that, I like DaDa. It's a fun place to go, especially when the weather is so nice and you can sit outside. The food is good but nothing I would rave about. The drinks are solid, the wine list reasonably priced, and lots of things on the menu that are good for sharing. For me, there are so many places in Delray that it's hard to make the rounds to all those that are tried and true, but when the mood strikes, DaDa is solid for what it is. Side note, they were selling groupons a few months back which definitely made it a worthy destination.

          1. re: zook

            I'd second zook's comments almost verbatim. We probably go here 4 times a year, it's just down the block from us about 1/2 mile.

            Like it most outdoors in winter at night. Fun environment, good food, prices reasonable, and you can walk around The Ave afterwards.

            They seem to go out of their way to recruit "alternative" type staff, often apparenty from tattoo parlors... but the service is usually very friendly and good - so I certainly have no problem with that.

            And most of the time a mgr will stop by once, sometimes even twice to check that all is okay.

            Some local free papers in Delray often have 50% off one dinner before 7PM coupons - so if you get there early, you'll see a lot of seniors. Later on it becomes more of a hipster spot but not overbearingly so.

      2. We went to Longboards last night after a show at Kravis. It was kind of empty in there which surprised me because it's on Clematis (not where all the action is, but still) and it was a Saturday night. The inside is cute, surfboards all over, pretty wood bar, aluminum bar stools, and almost all booths for tables. It had a Tryst atmosphere (for you south PBC people's reference), but more casual.

        We didn't order a lot of food: blackened fish tacos and a half dozen raw blue point oysters. The bartender was very helpful in matching me up with a craft beer. I like certain mainstream beers, but I love to try new ones and he let me taste it first. He also recommended the blue point oysters as they were the largest of the three varieties offered: blue point, gulf, and something from out west. He also shucked them and they were very fresh, plump, and delicious. They used fresh grated horseradish on the cocktail sauce, which I really liked a lot.

        The blackened fish tacos were very good. A little heat, some chipotle aoli, and some other things in there that were on the mild sweet side that tempered the heat nicely. Here are the ingredients: Three mahi tacos fried with mango and watermelon radish salsa, chipotle aioli, and flour tortilla available blackened or grilled upon request

        The food and beer were excellent, I would recommend going here if you're in WPB and want to avoid the trendy annoying places like Off The Hookah and another one across the street from it (forgot the name) with bouncers, lines, and velvet ropes. Really? I would opt for Longboard's over that scene any day. I hope they make it though, the lack of people there on Saturday at 10:00 during season was not a good sign. :\

        Dinner menu:

        They also had a pretty nice specials board with prime rib and several fish dinners including pompano and snapper.

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        1. re: OysterHo

          I finally realized what's been confusing me about this place - even though I've never been there yet.

          Is this a casual "New England" restaurant - thanks to (I guess) a couple of Maine Lobster dishes?

          Or a Florida/California laid-back surfer ("longboard") hangout.

          This seem to offer some mixed messages:

          "Longboards Restaurant and Bar is a New England Style fresh seafood restaurant with a casual feel. The menu specializes in organic and local produce, with seafood delicacies such as live Maine lobster and a decked-out raw bar. The restaurant will, of course, be offering a veritable plethora of local-caught fresh fish entrees, as well"

          Probably not a big deal but it does seem a little odd... Last time I looked, surfing was not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of New England seafood.

          1. re: CFByrne

            NE ambiance, no. Some of the food, ok maybe. Overall, NE is not the vibe I felt there. I think of CA and HI when I think of surfboards. It's a cute place with some nautical decor - maybe that's why they said that. If I had been hungrier, I would have tried the lobster roll. :) Maybe then I would be singing a different tune.

        2. Any updates on Longboards?

          LocalDines has a special offer today and I'm deciding...


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          1. re: CFByrne

            I went there during jury duty in June. The best fish tacos and I ordered them low carb - no shell. It was delicious. They had plenty of fish, avocado, tomatillo sauce and a salsa cruda (I'm having a mental block on what it's called for Mexican food)

            1. re: OysterHo

              Does a no shell taco get wrapped in something like lettuce?

              1. re: freakerdude

                Maybe they would upon request, but I asked for it to be on top of the fillings, like a salad platter, sort of. They put extra salad/cabbage under it because I'm sure that all that they served wouldn't have fit into soft taco shells.

                1. re: OysterHo

                  I'm flawed...I'm such a Floridian...born and raised in Homestead....IF I want New England seafood....I go to New England to eat it....Otherwise....I'm eating FLORIDA style that's what we were raised on and that's what we eat!...(LOL)....And I'm reading that this New England place....really isn't serving New England style seafood.....I guess I confuse easily.....

                  I'll leave the Yankee the Yankees..........

                  EMac - - Florida Cracker
                  Ft. Pierce, FL

          2. A new "New England Seafood" restaurant... now open up in Jupiter. Will be interested in trying.

            Chowder Heads

            Owner sounds fanatical about real Ipswich clams, real N/E style lobstah rolls, genuine chowdah etc...


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            1. re: CFByrne

              This is in Driftwood Plaza on US-1 and they also have had a booth at the PBG Green Market on Sundays promoting this place. They will also be at the Lake Park Seafood Festival tomorrow. Their menu must be a work in progress.

            2. I realise this is an old posting, but after the great meals we've had at Longboards recently, I had to say this is currently our fave restaurant!
              We got there Saturday night about 6, when Happy Hour was still going on, and got in on the $5 apps of mac n' cheese (delicious and really rich) and wings that were super fresh and not greasy at all.
              Dinner was Mahi...tacos for him, sandwich for me. Fresh, spicy, extremely flavorful. I also got a side of the truffle fries and was very impressed.
              This place has atmosphere that's the right mix of trendy, surfer, dark, sophisticated and casual. It's easy to see they work hard to make simple, fresh, delicious food and I really can't say enough good things about them.
              Oh and reasonable! Dinner for two, inc two beers, $50.

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              1. re: photolee

                Perfect timing because I need 3 places to eat during Sunfest. One will be Grease Bar and the other two will probably be Bobbi Sue BBQ and maybe Longboards.