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Jul 5, 2011 07:48 AM

Has anyone been to Harlem Tavern?

My guess is that it just opened (even their website still says "coming spring"). I can't find them on menu pages either.

Fred-Douglas Blvd at about 115th or 116th. Loads of outdoor space that looks so fun with picnic tables and bright red umbrellas. A pretty large place, it seems.

We walked by on our way to Bier International (where we were meeting people and which was terrific) so we didn't take the time to stop in. So we're just trying to find out if anyone has been. If so, what's the drink selection like? How's the food? Any info would be great.

Thanks. And if we go in the near future, I'll post back too.

Bier International
2099 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY 10026

Harlem Tavern
2153 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY 10026

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  1. It opened last Friday (7/1/11). The beer list is fairly extensive, especially for this neighborhood. And interestingly, it's grouped by style (pilsner, lager, porter, etc) rather than by region. The vibe was good, though they went from empty to overflowing with a line around the corner in about 10 minutes, but they handled it fairly well for a brand new place. Stayed for three beers, but didn't try the food. I'll be back, though I'd recommend going at off times or waiting a few weeks until they get more up to speed in the kitchen. Harlem+Bespoke and yelp have more info.

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      Thanks for the info. Hopefully they'll update their website with a menu and drinks/beers list. The place looked so cheerful that I'm sure we'll give it a try (eventually).