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Jul 5, 2011 07:46 AM

Harpswell Maine???

Would love a "data dump" of everything (Restaurants/Bars/Supermarkets) in the Harpswell area. Have never been to this part of Maine, but am close to taking a house rental in 2 weeks. Is it a good area?



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  1. Happy to get things started. First of all, Harpswell (at the end of the peninsula) has one of the absolute best chowder house / lobster places in the state: Dophin Marina on Basin Point: http://www.dolphinmarinaandrestaurant.... Beyond that, there's not a lot on the peninsula itself, but if you search this board, you'll find extensive discussion of restaurants in Brunswick (which you have to go through to get to and from Harpswell!) There are also a couple of good restaurants just a little further away, in Bath, most notably Solo Bistro, which I really like: It's a lovely area overall, and I'm sure you'll wander the area. What you'll find is that places you can look across the water to that would be a ten minute boat run will take you 45 - 1 hr. by car! Let us know some of your food likes/dislikes, and you'll get plenty of responses, not to mention opinions.

    Solo Bistro
    130 Front St., Bath, ME 04530

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      We've only made day trips to Harpswell. It has a rural feeling - maybe what the rest of the Maine coast was like 40 or 50 years ago. If you're planning on doing most of your own cooking, the location would be fine. Otherwise, I wouldn't want to drive out every night for dinner. Brunswick has a wonderful farmers market on Fridays. It's a college town with a small downtown area of stores, etc. When we vacation in Maine we tend to do a lot of driving/sightseeing so we don't like to be too far off Rt 1.

    2. A search would have turned up this thread for your "data dump". No need to reinvent the wheel.

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        Thanks folks and sorry HD for apparently asking for what is already there.....sort of.
        That thread ended a year ago, so maybe there's someting new??? Also I see no mention of markets (super or otherwise) in that thread....VERY interested on where to source meats and veggies (I assume finding fresh seafood to cook will be quite easy)......

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          There's an excellent market, the Vegetable Corner, on the corner of Route 123 and Mountain Road, and it has way more than fresh veggies.

          Also on the Neck is Allen's Seafood, a seasonal takeout trailer overlooking Middle Bay. Over on the Orr's/Bailey side is Guernet Landing, a nice lobster shack, and Island Candy Company, for chocolate and ice cream.

          Depending upon where you are in Harpswell, Brunswick is 5-20 minutes distant.

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            Thanks Mainegal! EXACTLY what I was looking for!!!

      2. Echoing and adding to some of the thoughts below;
        Restaurants--Frontier Cafe, Brunswick; Little Dog Coffee Shop, Brunswick; Athena on Mill St. Brunswick (excellent lunch/dinner); Rock Ovens on Bailey Island (haven't been there since it reopened); Flipside in Brunswick for Pizza; Gelato Fiasco in Brunswick; Fat Boys for good old fashioned 'eat in your car' fair; Henry and Marty's downtown Brunswick; El Camino for a cool atmosphere and good Mexican.
        Markets--Hannaford in Brunswick is perfect for basics; Vegetable Corner for good meats and fish, veggies fair; Crystal Spring Farm (Brunswick) Saturday morning farmer's market is really good, and such a beautiful spot (get there early); Morning Glory Natural Foods in Brunswick
        Bars--Henry and Marty's; Bacari in Brunswick; Cook's Lobster House on Bailey Island; Dolphin Marina on Harpswell Neck (great views!); Frontier Cafe (not really a bar, but decent wines, beers and fun place with great views of river); Pedro O'Hara's in Brunswick; and last, El Camino in Brunswick.
        Hope you're staying longer than a couple of days---this is a lot of eating/drinking ground to cover!

        Dolphin Marina and Restaurant
        515 Basin Point Rd, Harpswell, ME 04079

        Cook's Lobster House
        68 Garrison Cove Rd, Bailey Island, ME

        The Gelato Fiasco
        74 Maine Street, Brunswick, ME

        212 Maine St, Brunswick, ME 04011

        111 Maine St, Brunswick, ME 04011

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          Spike...welcome to CH. Thanks for the good recap.

          1. re: spikemaine

            thanks Spike...great resources...we'll be there for a whole week!

          2. OK folks, another request. Every vacation to Maine, I am in search of the BEST Blueberry Pie in the area. Last year Dot's Bakery in Round Pond Maine was one of the BEST I have ever had. Are there any "Pie Lady's" between Harpswell and Bath, including the Popham Beach area?


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              Don't know if you've already had your vacation week, but sometimes some really nice pies are sold at Crystal Spring Farm Farmer's Marktet (go to for info if you don't know where it is). Also, the Farmer's Market sets up on Wednesdays (I think) on the mall in Brunswick. You could always go to Little Dog Cafe in the morning, ask for Faith and see when/if she's making blueberry pie. She's an awesome baker! Tell her I sent you. As an aside, we just returned from Montreal via Colebrook, NH and Rt. 26 through Errol to Bethel, ME. Along the road in the middle of nowhere between Bethel and Errol a woman makes beautiful pies and other goodies and sells them from a little roadside shed on the honor system. Nice!

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                All of the advice here is great; one minor correction on the Farmers Markets: there are three weekly markets in Brunswick, in two different locations. One is downtown on the mall (conveniently across from the Hannaford); it sets up Tuesday and Friday mornings. The other (slightly larger, I think) is on Saturday mornings; it's out at Crystal Springs Farm. Both feature lots of good, genuinely fresh produce, cheeses, meats, etc., as well as some prepared foods. To combine food with art, go see the "Edward Hopper's Maine" show at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art!

            2. Just had excellent lunch at Starlight Cafe in Bath -- simple, freshly prepared foods, mostly in the sandwich/salad vein. Nice staff. Good coffee. Nothing fancy.