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Jul 5, 2011 07:29 AM


Has this place opened up yet? If not, is there a projected opening date ? Thanks.

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  1. It is open as of last Monday (Labor Day). Haven't made it over there yet, but the menu on the website looks good.

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    1. re: edgemontfoodie

      7.95 for a falafel sandwich? Must be some sandwich!

      1. re: scarsdalesurprise

        where have you been for the last two decades? $7.95 for a sandwich in a restaurant in westchester is a steal and a half!! and it probably comes with a side!

        1. re: cubanat

          I are right - for some reason it seemed high!

      2. re: edgemontfoodie

        We tried it on Wednesday. Hate to say that we were disappointed. We had spongy phyllo rolls (cigar bourekas), overcooked lamb shishkabob, and pelmeni that looked and tasted like Buitoni meat tortellini. They served a decent shepherd's salad, side salads, and basmati rice. Classic doner kebab was okay. Mucver (zucchini pancakes) were advertised as pan fried, but were deep fried and thick. They also had a weird layer of uncooked falafel paste in them and we couldn't find much zucchini.

        Anyone else been there yet?

      3. Can't believe nobody has commented on this restaurant in more than two months/

        I went there tonight with my wife, daughter and mother-in-law. Here are my impressions:

        The restaurant decor is really classy and subdued, with what is truly a beautiful ceiling.

        That's about the only thing they can't improve upon.

        Otherwise, it's hard to believe this place is nearly three months old and hasn't worked all its kinks out yet. They still do not have the act together.

        Let's start right off by saying it's a pricey restaurant. Most dinner dishes average considerably over $20 -- most well into the mid-20's. Now, there is nothing wrong with a pricey restaurant is everything justifies these prices. Sadly, they are not there yet.

        After we gave our order, the wait staff removed our plates.

        We started with a plate of hummus for an appetizer and a skimpy portion of pita bread. Be prepared to order a second helping of the pita bread. The hummus is quite smooth and nice, served with a slice of cucumber. They also bring a plate of olive spread, which is sharp and delicious.

        But we never got replacement plates for the plates they removed after we gave our order, so the food was periodically falling onto the table, including the table mats. We thought that was quite strange.

        My 12-year-old daughter warned us that she heard the service was slow... and she was not kidding. We arrived at 7:30 pm, the place was not bustling (maybe three quarters full), but we didn't see our dinner until 8:15 pm - 8:20 pm.

        Interestingly, the wait staff never asked if we wanted a drink (other than our waters, which they were great about refilling) or even dessert.

        My daughter and I split the $32 mixed grill, which was definitely ample food for the both of us and saved us considerable money. We all thought our meals were good -- not spectacular -- but good.

        After our meal was cleared, we felt abandoned for about 15 minutes until we finally flagged somebody down for our check. By this time, the place was easily a third full.

        There's valet service in front of the restaurant, which seemed to be a first for that stretch of Hartsdale. We didn't use it, as the garage is directly across the street.

        One can't help comparing this place to Turkish Meze in Mamaroneck, which we've gone to for a long time and have always enjoyed. They even take off 20% from the bill when you order take out. I think I would have to definitely give the edge to them, because not only are they slightly less expensive, but the food is generally better, they have their act together and it's always obvious they are working their butts off. They are quite nice people there.

        I don't anticipate running back to Bosphorus. It doesn't strike me as the kind of place I'd be motivated to return to when Turksih Meze is not far from us.

        Turkish Meze
        409 Mount Pleasant Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543

        1. Second time around was the charm! Didn't love it on first visit,, so it took a few months to return. Now I love this restaurant. Their borscht is fantastic, as were all of our dinners: lamb, shrimp, and what looked like little burgers or meatballls were dishes for our group. Everything had such yummy flavors!

          1. We have gone twice for lunch. The food was decent, but the portions were small and expensive for what you get. Place was close to empty both times. I would not rush back. Turkish Meze in Mamroneck is much better.

            I notice there are now signs in the window for 20% off when you eat in at certain times. Looks like an indication that they aren't doing too well with current pricing.