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Jul 5, 2011 07:18 AM

Mail Order Gourmet Hard Candies for 100th Birthday Party Gift?


I'm headed to a 100th birthday party in a few weeks and the guest of honor's favorite thing in the world is hard candy.

Any ideas for something unusual? I was thinking about having her name put on PapaBubble's hard candies in the horchata flavor, but it takes too long from order to delivery.

Thanks for your suggestions in advance,

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  1. Check this site:

    You could package it in a cute way ie, colored children's sand pail with a stuffed animal, etc, etc...or a basket with a plant surrounded by mounds of hard candy.

      1. One more option for you, I noticed you're in Flushing. If you're ever near Chinatown you can sample hard candy at Aji Ichiban, they have a large assortment. Watch out for the Durian ones, you might ask someone there (unless of course you or she loves it!).