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Jul 5, 2011 06:14 AM

Suggestions for Glasgow and Stirling

We will be in Glasgow for three days staying at the Alexander Thomson on Argyll Street. I am looking for suggestions for restaurants near our hotel or easy to get to without a car and near the Riverside Museum. We will also be in Stirling for a day (without a car) so would love suggestions for eating places near the train station. My first choice of cuisine for these places would be Scottish food or gastropubs, but I am open to all suggestions. I'm not really looking for fancy places, since we are with two teenagers, but price is secondary to delicious food. Thanks always.

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  1. I can't vouch for any of these (maybe www.tripadvisor can help), but this page might be useful for Stirling.

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      There are some renowned Scottish restaurants in the West End not far from the museum. Here: focuses on Scottish seafood. Supposed to be good but I haven't been. I have been to a couple of great Indian places in the same area, here: and here:

      In Stirling this place has been recommended to me:

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        Two fat ladies is very good been a few times to a couple of their locations, as is the Sisters restaurant - been to both Jordanhill and West End locations.
        I have had a good meal at fanny trollope's bistro on Argyll street a few years ago
        Stravaigin used to be pretty decent - not been in a while
        Hope this helps somewhat