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Jul 5, 2011 06:00 AM

Red bread ideas?

My nephew requested, as an inside joke, that I make red bread for his I think it would be funny to actually do it. Any ideas? It could be sweet or savory, quick bread or yeasted, but I don't want to use red dye. The more red, the better but I still want it to taste good and not taste overwhelming like beets or whatever is used to make it red. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    1. That's a challenge. Piqued my curiosity. Like blue room, I thought tomato, but it doesn't look like the bread comes out very red at all. Then I thought tomato paste or roasted red pepper puree. I made a strawberry quick bread once, but it was just a pale pink, so I'm not sure that raspberries or cherries would work any better. Maybe really dark cherries. Pomegranate juice is too watery. Here's a recipe using beets that at least has color.

      I hope you figure this one out because I'm really curious!

      1. Many years ago I made lots of different breads for the buffet reception we did for my son and daughter-in-law's wedding on her family's farm. One of them was a rolled loaf with two parts, one with...I'm thinking tomato paste. Definitely red. Maybe in an old James Beard cb? If I find it I'll re-post.

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        1. I have read about many attempts to make Red Velvet Cake without dye, none of them successful. Rusty or purplish were as close as it came. I tend to doubt you can achieve true red bread without dye.

          1. I think beets or shiso powder would be the only "real food" ingredients that would bring you anywhere close to having red bread. But even those would be dulled by the baking and the flour, so they'd be more like rust-colored bread. Also, as you fear, the bread will taste overwhelmingly like beets or shiso. Do you not want to use dye because it's unhealthy? If so, there are a couple of all natural, vegetable pigment-based food colorings out there, like Nature's Flavors brand: <> . They call the color "Cherry", but it has no flavor. It should give you a nice, bright, joke-worthy red.