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Jul 5, 2011 12:46 AM

Good food in Stockholm

Any suggestions? I'll be there in November.

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  1. Three personal favorites are Djuret, Bon Bon and Pubologi. On my short list of places to visit are Rolfs Kök, Svartengrens, AG and Mistral.
    )If you're looking for the best Stockholm has to offer, price no consideration, Mattias Dahlgren or Frantzén/Lindeberg.

    1. Haven't been there yet -- on the way next week.

      But Pelikan seems to be a good bet for classic Swedish pub food that won't break the bank.

      Anthony Bourdain visited there and the more refined Lux for his show a few years back.

      I bookmarked a blog post a year ago from a Stockholm weekend trip made by one of the DosHermanos London bloggers (july 2010). He visited several restaurants, among them Pelikan, Matbaren, and Lisa Elmquist. Good pictures.
      (search in the blog for Stockholm if that post isn't immediately shown at the link)

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        I ate at Pelikan. Wasn't all that impressed.
        Had the crayfish toast with lavaret roe (good), and the meatballs with (a very sweet) cream sauce, gherkins, and lingonberries (just ok). Expensive for what it was -- definitely a venue for the tourists.
        However, I will say that that was the first preparation of lingonberries I've ever had that I actually liked.

        Perhaps one might enjoy a visit to Pelikan more with an order of one of their many wines, beers, or spirits.

      2. Be sure to try the pastries while in Stockholm. Many good choices!

        One of the signatures of their pastries is the liberal use of cardamom. I've never tasted so much cardamom before, even with South Asian dishes.
        Something else I was struck by was how light their princess cakes were. The princess cakes I've had elsewhere, particularly back in the US, have tended to use a much denser cream filling and thicker slices of cake. The princess cakes I had in Stockholm were all very, very light. With just a few bites, they were gone.

        These were from Tösse. The tart on the right is eaten with a very sweet and delicious cream.

        1. Not sure where I got these, might even have been a convenience store, as pastries like these can be found just about anywhere. Very cardamom-rich.

          1. I think these were from Thelins.