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Jul 4, 2011 04:49 PM

4th of July Cape Cod

I went to Pearl in Wellfleet today. We were a group of friends and family previously spending 2 hours of body surfing at Marconi Beach (62 degree water!!). Pearl was hopping. Our waitress took care of our table of 9 well for two hours. We went for happy hour and snacks. There was a really great band playing Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, some jazz and blues. I had two amazing Chardonnays, my two friends had Cape Cod Red, our hosts had a Goslings Dark n Story and another Cape Cod beer. One friend had a so so Bloody Mary and the teens had soda. We had several orders of tuna sashimi with a wasabi pea crust (yum), calamari in a nice batter, raw bar (took a long time with one shucker), fish tacos, grilled shrimp in a yummy mango salsa (the fries were not worth the calories) crab cakes, salads and chowders..the food kept coming and we all shared.....the vibe was chill. I liked Pearl..not as much as nearby Mac's Shack but we had a blast. Everything was tasty and again, our waitress was top notch.

After we went to Mandy's at the former Friendly's in Eastham for soft serve. It was what one would expect for soft serve. Cold and good.

Pearl Restaurant
250 Commercial St, Wellfleet, MA 02667

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  1. A warm day in the surf at Marconi. I remember many Julys where the water temp never made it out of the high fifties. I think 63 degrees is the warmest I have ever seen in Wellfleet ocean beaches.

    Pearl sounds interesting, though I have heard very mixed reviews from friends who have eaten there, may have to give it a try as a break from the favorites.

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      Dan D, I too have heard mixed...I would not run back but would go if someone invited me...