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Jul 4, 2011 04:18 PM

Help - Kennington/Lambeth (London)

My family and I will be renting a flat on Wincott Street in Kennington, and I'd love suggestions for restaurants or food-shopping nearby. I know that Hot Stuff and Masters aren't too far away. Any other advice? We tend not to eat meat (although we'll eat dairy, eggs, and fish) and like all kinds of food. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Not a huge amount of culinary stuff in Kennington. If you want something really good, best to hop on a tube to nearby Brixton for Brixton Village (see other huge post on that subject). Locally there's a nice wine bar upstairs at Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec. Some people like The Lobster Pot next door (same owner), but I've never been able to get past the weird OTT maritime decor.

    The Tommyfield is an attempt at a gastropub, but wasn't hugely special on my visit. Maidera has a deli (good) and a cafe (outdoors, looks nice, but untested) on Albert Embankment.

    Zeitgeist on Black Prince Road is a German pub and has a great range of German beer plus German food.

    Shopping, there's a farmers' market at the church opposite Oval station - either Saturday or Sunday, a quick google should confirm. Otherwise there's a big tesco on Kennington Lane. Again, not really much in this area.

    There was another thread a while back suggesting a Polish place in Elephant & Castle shopping centre. I haven't been, but if you're brave enough to enter that dire shopping centre, could be interesting.

    Not food related, but there's a lovely square in the area called Cleaver Square. There's a cute little pub at the end of it, where you can get a drink and rent out boules to play on the square. A lovely way to pass a long summer evening.

    A bit further afield, in Stockwell there's the Canton Arms gastropub, and a long strip of relatively authentic Portuguese places if you continue up South Lambeth Road.

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      I would get on a bus and go up to Waterloo. It's not far to walk either. There is a street food market during the week in Lower Marsh. On the South Bank, there is a end of the week market as well. On Cornwall Road, behind the station is the original Konditor and Cook where you can get lovely cakes, plus sandwiches, soups and other dishes.

      I have eaten at the Polish place in Elephant and Castle shopping centre and it is really nice comfort food. Very clean. It is run by a Canadian man who is married to a Polish woman. There are also stands outside the market serving varying ethnic cuisine. You can easily walk to Elephant and Castle from where you are staying. I do it regularly myself. Lovely area, but quiet. Don't miss the Imperial War Museum round the corner.

    2. The Kennington Tandoori is pretty good if you overlook the erratic service and the politicos. For pubs, the Old Red Lion (near the underground station) is the best in the area. Slightly further afield, Dragon Castle (top end of Walworth Road nr the Elephant) is still very good for yum cha. I also rate Adulis, which is an Eritrean place at the north end of Brixton Road, near the Oval

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        Was in the Old Red Lion last week - it's a nice, quirky pub for a drink, but it was absolutely empty (by about 8PM I think we were about the only people there) which did affect the atmosphere a lot. Not sure why no-one goes there and Dog House & Tommyfield are buzzing, assume location must be responsible.

        Adulis isn't bad. Amused that every time I go, pretty much everyone in the restaurant orders the same dish - the mixed-meat set.

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          Re Adulis - the meat dishes are fairly decent, particularly the chicken tsebhi, but given jevi's dietary preferences, I was thinking particularly of the veggie options, eg the shuro, which is as good as the one at the excellent Zeret Kitchen over in Camberwell.

          You're right about the frequent lack of punters in the Old Red Lion - I think because under the previous ownership it had a reputation for being for die hard Millwall fans only. If more people start going there, it can only be a good thing. They serve a very good pint and the food's nice too

      2. The Canton arms. Always a vegie or fish option.

        1. Mamuska (the polish place) is good for cheaper comfort food. The environment is not scary in the least.

          Dragon castle has decent, well-priced dim sum.


          1. There is a rather nice little Italian on Walworth Road called La Luna. More or less opposite Argos. Reasonable in price, good on taste. Their lunches are good too. Pizza's made in the bar at the restaurant where you can see them & a regular haunt of Mad Frankie Fraser. I miss this place terribly now Ive moved but my faves were the uova al forno (eggs baked in bolognaise sauce) for starter, tagliatelle la luna (prawns & clams in creamy tom sauce) as main & the volcanica pizza is great! You simply MUST go! Very unassuming but will become a regular for you. & They fresh baked garlic bread while you wait is outstanding!

            La Luna
            Morfa Hall, 22 Cliff Road, Newquay TR7 1SG, GB

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              Sounds great. Just had a look at the website. Love unassuming places. Marie's in Lower Marsh, Waterloo is like that. The first link in your post leads to a restaurant in Newquay!

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                lol, I thought Id deleted the newquay one! :/ Hope you enjoy it anyhow! Theres a link on here somewhere to a chinese in camberwell which is apparently verrrrrry good! Another unassuming one! Ill try to find it!

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                  There are two well regarded Chinese in Camberwell. Wuli Wuli is one and I have been several times. They do a good lunch deal for £4.50 - until 5 pm. I always get twice fried pork.

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                  Right, found it. If you search JFores posts on here he will give you some good advice about where to eat in London. I think he's an American foodie & from what others have said, very much in the know. Here is a link for reviews on this restaurant & it gets good marks.