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Jul 4, 2011 03:11 PM

Five Guys coming to Oshawa

Just saw the sign for the new 5 Guys location on Taunton Rd at Harmony (south side by Winners and BDubs).

I've been reading reviews of all the other locations and have mixed feelings - at least its something new even if the fare isn't always stellar. I hope this location gets it right.

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  1. It's a hamburger. Don't expect the second coming of the flying spaghetti monster. Just set your expectations to hamburger.

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    1. re: GoodGravy

      It's peanuts baby!!!! And good ones (usually).

      1. re: GoodGravy

        Understood :) Just looking for something thats not McD's etc out in the 'burbs here.
        We don't get a Burger Priest type joint- though Patty Shack is doing very well and does a good 4 oz 6 oz and 8 oz burger with tons of different toppings.
        would recommend them for any visitors to Downtown Oshawa

        1. re: BeanerSchitzl

          You can easily get from one side of Oshawa to another in less than 15 minutes so you are never father away than 7 minutes from Downtown Oshawa, why wouldn't you just support the local guy?

          1. re: BusterRhino

            Well, we've heard many times on this board that 5 guys is going to put all the local 'poseurs' out of business, to the weird delight of some.

            1. re: BusterRhino

              Buster I do 'support the local guy' and have been here many times (great twopons over their twitter feed as well).

              Nothing wrong with more choices...

              1. re: BeanerSchitzl

                I agree with more choices, I do wish there was someone in Oshawa doing a Griddled burger like the Burgers Priest (yes I love their burger). I have a love affair with burgers and truly would love to see someone open a Burgers Priest in Oshawa, between them and The Patty Shack it would be a huge win for Oshawa.

          2. re: GoodGravy

  's nothing you can't make as well at home..although the amount of fries impressed me.

          3. Music to my ears! Scarborough must be doing well for them to expand further east; this is a much faster expansion plan than I predicted. Just disappointed that they skipped over my immediate area (east Scarborough/Pickering/Ajax, along the water). If Oshawa does well I hope to see them in the Ajax or Pickering Smart-Centres.

            You sure you have the right intersection? Their website says 575 Laval Drive which is the Smart Centre with Walmart and Lowe's (west side of Stevenson north of 401).

            Keep up the game plan 5G - stay away from downtown!

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            1. re: TexSquared

              It's a savvy business plan and makes perfect sense. Go to the areas where even an average burger is considered an improvement.

              1. re: TexSquared

                yes you are right, it is gonna be by the walmart and lowes.

              2. And they have a location opening up in Ajax now too, 140 Kingston Road East in the Durham Centre... across the parking lot from Costco, between the Black's Camera and the George Richards. Sign is up, no other signage as to opening date.

                Looks like South St. Burger across the street is about to get snuffed out.... nice!