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Jul 4, 2011 02:31 PM

Hu Hot

One of these just opened here, and DH and I had lunch there today. I was, unexpectedly, rather impressed. Skipped all of the meats, got a few noodles and LOTS of fresh veggies. Ladled on some spicy sauce, and handed it over to be grilled. It was tasty, healthy (check their website for calorie/sodium info on their sauces), and inexpensive. Plus, there is the entertainment factor. Anyone else been to one of these places?

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  1. I wish one would open near us, I LOVE Mongolian BBQ and for some reason it never caught on in NYC. Used to go to one in Taipei (the Aristocrat, on Lin Shen Bei Lu) all the time Roll on Hu Hot please...

    1. Been there a few times & enjoyed it. I wish the ingredients on their website were available at all locations...(fake crab was the only seafood option). Still good, but I think BD's or a local joint are better. Still, I'd eat there anytime someone suggested it.