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Jul 4, 2011 01:47 PM

Terrapin of Athens, GA

I saw a few different 6-packs from this Brewery in GA today in a close-by liquor store and was wondering if anyone has had any good beers from them. I would like to try some, but I'm a novice and would love to hear some testimony first. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I have had mixed experiences (mostly with their one offs) but their regular lineup has some solid beers - Rye Pale Ale, Hopsecutioner, and Wake n Bake (now called something like Coffee Oatmeal Stout) are my favorites.

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      Terrapin's a fine brewery - I echo brentk's statement about a few one-off's coming off a bit strong - but they have some very solid brews. I like the Hopsecutioner, but for a novice beer drinker (assuming you're not into hop bombs yet) the Rye Pale Ale is an excellent choice.

      The Wake 'n Bake is an epic seasonal imperial stout.

      1. re: Effington

        I see. Thanks for the advice. I'm actually looking to start getting into stouts because I just started really enjoying craft beer, but it's mostly light and crisp stuff so far, so I realize I'm missing out on a good portion of the spectrum.

    2. I've had Terrapin's Monk's Revenge and it is phenomenal. I've had it at Mad Mex in Pittsburgh. I was able to get a four pack of it in Virginia at a Total Wine. Definitely a favorite!!