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Jul 4, 2011 01:34 PM

any great restaurants on the way to Jones Beach (from CT)?

I'm driving to Jones Beach from CT, and would love a great dinner place close to Jones Beach. My tastes are more Momofuku than Mama Leone's, but all that matters it that the food is great and the vibe is casual. Would love to hear some suggestions from those in the know.


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  1. rs jones in merrick is great. southern and southwestern style. very friendly and fun place. i used to go all the time before we moved from the area. it's only about 15 minutes from jones beach. the regular menu is big plus a large selection of daily specials.

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      That is my recommendation, and has been several times for the area. Never heard from anyone that tried it as a result, though. Only from those fans already familiar.

    2. I will break with the rules and suggest a place I have not been. The place has a good looking menu, and is next on my must try list. I am only in the area on summer weekends otherwise I would have been there by now. It is very close to the Meadowbrook Parkway and you can continue south on the Parkway to get to the Theatre. If you check it out, give us a report.