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Jul 4, 2011 01:00 PM

Hangar B Chatham...An off day

Today proves that even the best of places can have an off day now and again. What makes it surprising, however, that even though it was at 10 AM on July 4th, the place had just a few parties and was very quiet. More surprising was our order was simple, The Pilot's Breakfast, simple eggs over easy, sausage and pototoes with sourdough toast, and Eggs Benedict. My Benedict was swimming in hollandaise and the eggs were overcooked and disappointingly hard. Likewise, the over easy eggs were overcooked so the yolks were cooked through and the toast was left in the toaster for a couple of minutes too long. As usual the coffee is first rate and the side of red flannel hash a must have delicious twist on hash. The take home potato buttermilk donut was awful, no crisp to the ouside, a heavy chew, and still had liquid batter inside. Sorry to say, but a 4 out of 10 at best today and not close to worth the $54 tarrif including tip for two. Hopefully it was an abberation but I'm in no hurry to return to find out.

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  1. CCG- glad you posted this. I was there 7/3, and I was dissatisfied with the overall experience.
    Husband & I arrived 7:30-Ish so we would have no issues waiting on the holiday weekend and pre-church rush. We chose to seat at the outside bar because the weather was nice and all the tables inside seemed to have small children and it was LOUD.
    Waiter was friendly, told us the specials, delivered coffee. Then, a rush came. Not sure how many people were waiting tables inside, but at one point I actually wondered out loud if I should refill my own coffee from the carafe for the people waiting for tables. 50 minutes for our food, and we ordered when it was still slow. Husband wanted to leave at one pont.
    Eggs Benny were good, overcooked muffin, the rest was good, best ones I've had in a restaurant in a long time, but not great. Red flannel hash was great, loved the creme fraiche with horseradish and chives. Husband had breakfast sandwich (croissant with egg, avocado and roasted tomatoes ) He though it was good, just good, side of sausage. Bill was $45. For breakfast. We won't be going back.

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      We got there on 7/3 around 8 am and by that time a sign up sheet was outside to fill in for your wait. We prob just missed getting in as we were only the 2nd name on the list, so we assumed our wait wouldn't be all that long, even though we were a party of 7. Unfortunately there was another party of 7 as the first goup on the list. By 8:30 there were probably 30 - 40 people hanging around the "play area" and picnic tables outside waiting for seats. It ended up taking about an hour and a half for us to finally get a seat. Problem was, they continued to seat groups of 2, 3, and 4 without combining tables to seat the parties of 7. We would have left, but by 8:45 we figured that we would have to wait everywhere at that point. Once we got in we were a bit afraid of the food wait as that table right next to us was just getting served and they had been seated for at least 30 minutes. But alas, our food arrived fairly quickly once we ordered. As for the food, I liked the huevos rancheros I got and loved the hash (again). I also really liked my wife's omlette with roasted tomatoes, vermont cheddar, and arugula. We had the donuts which were good, but not great compared to the warm ones we had a couple weeks prior. Only real downside was the side orders of bacon which were really flimsy - - - seems they needed about 10 more minutes grill time but I guess they were pushing out food as quickly as possible. Overall the food was still very good and we will go back - - - but if we are a party of more than 4 we'll make sure we arrive before 7:30, not after.

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        Thanks for the report. Call me crazy, but going anywhere with a party of that size on a Sunday morning (never mind a holiday weekend), one would automatically expect a long wait. I am a loyal fan of the Hangar, but have definitely been on "off" days. As with all of my faves, I will continue to enjoy the food/experience, while also understanding the ups and downs of running a restaurant. Realistic expectations (as in your case, a busy Sunday morning with a large party) are a necessity when choosing to dine out on the Cape. I am happy to hear that, despite the long wait, you folks were still satisfied with the overall food experience. Cheers.

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          I don't know if this is the case, having never been to Hanger B, but it generally isn't simply as easy as pushing tables together to make a seven top. Depending on the space, often, only certain combinations of tables work for larger tables. Other combinations create bottle necks, or unreachable tables, or fire hazards. Also, all those 2, 3 and 4's may have been in totally different parts of the restaurant, thus rendering it useless to try and set a party of 7. All I'm saying is that they probably had good reason to keep you waiting. Seating tables is tricky business, despite opinions otherwise.

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            Hangar B is small inside...there are a few tight areas tables could be combined I suppose but as a waitress I can see how it would have been hard...