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Jul 4, 2011 12:13 PM

Soul Burgers in Inglewood

Turkey burgers topped with soul food, like greens and yams, and a fried egg. Or a fried chicken patty, topped with soul food and a fried egg.

Anybody been here?

Soul Burgers
1035 S Prairie Ave, Inglewood, CA 90301

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  1. Soul Food Burgers -- makes my mouth water! Thanks for alerting me to this place. Plan to check it out soon.

    Menu looks great (no beef burgers though):

    BTW, Soul Burgers' web site has a news clip from ABC and says Soul Burgers will be featured on Food Network's Outrageous Food on July 8, at 7:00 PM PST and 10:00 PM PST.

    Soul Burgers
    1035 S Prairie Ave, Inglewood, CA 90301

    1. it's pretty good. i think you'd like it.

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      1. re: aizan

        Concept and burgers look good and mouth watering. The only thing that gets me from seeing all of the pics is that none of the cheese on their burgs is not nicely melted.. Is it me?? I love and like to see (eat) a burg with the queso melted.. I'll still check them out.. Cheers all.. p.s. Even when they were featured on the local news their burgs still did not have the cheese melting down their abundant fixens....

        1. re: Chez Coop

          DVR the show and just finished watching the profile of Soul Burgers. You're right, the cheese isn't melted; not on the show when it was being made or when people were eating it.

          Soul Burgers
          1035 S Prairie Ave, Inglewood, CA 90301

          1. re: Chez Coop

            once you take a bite, you won't even notice whether the cheese is melted or not. like much soul food, it all just sort of blends together.

        2. We just went. My wife, son and I.

          My wife had a Yummy T-Burger and my son and I had Tender Greens Burgers. We had two order of sweet potato fries and one order of regular fries. My wife had a combo (came with the fries and a bottle of water). I added a Pepsi. All in 35 bucks. Not exactly cheap for burgers, but not expensive either.

          The food was great. i once wrote a long post on all the places I eat turkey burgers on the Westside (I couldn't find the link) that I only bring up as evidence that I really like turkey burgers.

          This was possibly the best one I've ever had. I really have no idea how to describe the taste of turkey, except to say it was very juicy and well seasoned. The juicy part is important because it's easy to dry out a turkey burger. The greens on the burger were fine and added some nice texture (and in my mind, some green veggie vitamins). I'd probably try some other toppings next time. Everything just worked, the bacon was crisp; the egg creamy.

          We all much preferred the regular fries to the sweet potato fries. There was brown sugar on the sweet potato fries which was a bit much for me -- too sweet. So we basically just split the one fries and we were all stuffed. It was a ton of food.

          My son said like five times "That was the best burger i ever had,"

          Other info: The place is very small. Maybe it seats eight people? Maybe ten max? It's in a little shopping center right across from the track. If I gambled and spent time at Hollywood Park or the casino, I'd make it a point to get a burger. Everyone was real nice and friendly. They close at 730 and basically closed while we were eating, but we didn't feel particularly rushed. There is plenty of parking and there is an interesting looking Caribbean joint in the same parking lot.

          Final note: No one in our family eats cheese. Don't ask -- we just don't. So, we all ordered our burgers without cheese. So, I have no idea as to the meltiness of the cheese.

          And I just invented a word.

          1. Stopped in for lunch today. The #1 with turkey bacon, greens, egg, cheese, spicy sauce and yams really is genius! All the flavors were distinct, clean and fit well together. I could see doing without any particular ingredient depending upon your mood, but this was a great burger.

            As already said, there are ten seats, in a clean strip mall storefront....great soul music as it should be and friendly folks serving it up. Other than the one burger fir $5, all are $8 or not cheap, but a great find.

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            1. re: pnutbuddah

              LOL --

              We had similar experiences except they were playing 94.7 The Wave when we were in there -- the most "not-soul" station in L.A. (no offense Kenny G fans).

              Other than that -- a great spot.

            2. This is amazing! Thank you for bringing this spot to our attention! :-D