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Mar 7, 2006 11:59 PM

MENUDO BURRITO - is there such a creation?

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If so, where can I get one?


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  1. In all my years as a mexican (american of mexican decent) I have NEVER heard of a menudo burrito. Why? you ask, menudo is a soup. (Made up of parts of a cows stomach) The tripe and corn; I beleive it is called, would probably make an interesting burrito. But they are cooked in the soup, that's what makes menudo so tasty.
    Now if you find a place that makes a menudo burrito, post it, I am sure I would get a kick out of trying it.

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    1. re: nrique

      Yeah, I realize that menudo is a soup. I guess my question really was -- is there such a thing as a tripe/hominy burrito?

      And, of course, if I find such a creation I'll be sure to post it.


      1. re: ipse dixit

        Tripe, yes, but not in the way way you know it... Tripitas are often broiled crisp and then chopped up. As for the Hominy... No... Hominy in it's whole form belongs in soup, otherwise its them transformed into Masa...

        Another thing, Tripe I don't think would work well in a Burrito... Just like Seso, Cabeza, Lengua and Cueritos wouldn't fit either because they are too rich or the texture wouldn't work in a burrito... SO if you do ask for a burrito of Tripitas, you might get an odd look...

        Finally, while the origins of the Burrito are truly a modern mystery... most Mexicans I talk to see it as an American Creation... to mix something as UNIQUELY Mexican as Menudo with something that is not, like a Burrito, would just be beyond weird and almost blashemous...


        1. re: Dommy!

          Great info. Mucho gracias.

          1. re: Dommy!

            "would just be beyond weird and almost blashemous..."

            And what would be so bad about going beyond weird and approaching blashemousness?

            I think we need a Jack Nickolson "Five Easy Pieces" solution to this problem: Go to your favortie Mexican spot, order the Menudo and a meatless Burito, open the Burito up, scoop out some of the tripe meat from the bowl of Menudo, shake it gently to remove the liquid, insert said tripe meat into the Burito, closed said Burito, and consume the Burito.

            And for goodness sakes, report back and tell us how you liked it!

            Problem solved!

            1. re: JBC

              I just might do that ...

              1. re: JBC

                Did you say, “Hold the meat?” Why not just order the Menudo with flour tortillas and make your own (Mexican style) just like you would with a great plate of Carnitas?

                Antojitos – (Menudo Sat & Sun)
                4721 1/2 Peck Rd
                El Monte, CA 91732-1309
                (626) 279-2109
                North of I-10, One block South of Lower Azusa Rd.

                El Super Burrito Jr (Menudo everyday)
                10241 Lower Azusa Rd
                Temple City, CA 91780
                (626) 444-1334
                Just East of Baldwin

                Los Güeros Mexican Restaurant (Menudo 7 days a week)
                313 W. Huntington Dr., Monrovia, CA 91016
                (626) 358-0200
                fax: (626) 256-8908

                Lisa's Coffee Shop (Menudo on the weekends. American Breakfast, Pork Chops & eggs, Biscuits & Gravy, Jumbo Omelette w/ meats or veggies, Golden/crispy hash browns on the outside-moist on the inside.)
                1530 W San Bernardino Rd
                Covina CA
                (626) 339-2014
                Between N. Vincent Ave. And N. Lark Ellen Ave

                Tacos la Bufadora (Menudo on the weekends, Deep Fried Fish and Shrimp. Try Shrimp Burrito with NO rice & beans request only the taco ingredients – $4.99 WOW! , also Asada
                )10990 Lower Azusa Rd
                El Monte, CA 91731
                (626) 575-7174
                Just West of Santa Anita.

                1. re: Like-Go-Eat?

                  Sounds o.k. to me, but wouldn't you need more fixings besides just floor tortillas and the tripe to make a decent burito?

                  1. re: JBC

                    All four places I listed include the typical condiments and tortillas with the order of Menudo (flower or corn tortillas). Los Güeros is a nice little Restaurant with tables inside or outside. They serve their Menudo with some pride with all the condiments (fresh cut Celontro, onions, lemon) and salsa with chips. You could add a side of rice and beans if you wanted to. But several tortillas come with the bowl of Menudo so there is no need to order a burrito that would need to be taken apart. I like to eat it as a soup. I roll the flower tortillas up and dunk them into the soup as I eat the meat and corn. I think that the meat with a little onion and celontro rolled up in the tortilla would be good also. Several weeks ago I saw a sign for “tripe and Lengua, (Tongue) tacos but I cannot recall the place I saw the sign at. Maybe that would make a good burrito too. Also, the Lengua tacos I eat pretty much only have the Lengua with some onion and celentro. I guess if your ordered a Lengua burrito they might add some beans. If you wanted a tripe and Lengua burrito maybe put it together at El Paisano Restaurant by ordering the Lengua on the side along with a bowl of Menudo on the weekends. They also have good Asada.

                    Los Güeros Mexican Restaurant
                    313 W. Huntington Dr., Monrovia, CA 91016
                    (626) 358-0200
                    fax: (626) 256-8908

                    El Paisano Restaurant (Maybe the best burritos. Once a Taco Truck, Now a walk-in, Try a Carne Asada Burrito - I like it with no rice, beans or Lettuce and ask for cheese, onions, cilantro, tomato and salsa, I also get a Lengua Taco, or Cabeza,)
                    1523 Peck Rd
                    South El Monte, CA 91733-4529
                    (626) 575-0620
                    Just North of the 60 Fry at Peck Rd.

              2. re: Dommy!

                Dommy, You're right the burrito is an American creation. (Seso, Cabeza, Lengua and Cueritos) I think you can find all of these on the menu at King Taco. I know for sure Cabeza and Lengua are burritos, growing up my aunt used to tease me about them. She LOVED burritos de Cabeza and Lengua!

                To make the perfect Menudo burrito:
                Start with warm Tortillas add fresh cut Celontro, onions, lemon and a little salsa. Then add your tripe and homeney from the soup. Add some rice and beans if you want to thicken up the burrito.
                That sounds interesting, anyone want to be the first one to try it?
                And there you have el burrito de Menudo! Fresh off the Chowhound L.A. board!

                1. re: Dommy!

                  That's great.

                  When I was younger, in Chicago, I wanted to try something exotic. so, looking at the tacos menu I ordered a pork skin burrito and it was NASTY.

                  But the filling would've been really good in a simple creation like a taco. All it really needed was onions and cilantro and a really nicely spiced salsa.

                  But I did think the Chicharon would be crunchy, it was just slimy.

                  1. re: therealbigtasty

                    What you had was chile chicharon, chicharones cooked in a green chile sauce. Very common but maybe an acquired taste for some. Tripas de leche are the milk tubes from the cow and when fried crisp and put into a corn tortilla is very tasty but then again, maybe an acquired taste for some. I have seen on one occasion while visiting some people that had just moved here from Mexico, take long strips of cooked menudo (tripe) and put it into a corn tortilla with chile salsa. Not for my taste but not necessarily an American thing either.

                2. re: ipse dixit

                  I think el gallo giro has tripe tacos. Regular tripe and they used to have tripas de leche (marrow gut).

              3. Maybe try a Bûche (pig stomach) burrito at Taco Omana’s. A friend ordered it and from what I could see of the inside of the burrito it sure looked like menudo.

                Taco Omana’s (Hole-in-the-Wall walk-up window - rear of market, Chili Verde, Bûche, Cabeza, Lengua, chicharon and a different kind of Asada burritos and Tacos.
                10300 Rush Street,
                South El Monte, CA 91733
                ( 626 ) 350 - 1197

                1. I don't think a Burrito was a uniquely American creation, since flour tortillas were used in northern Mexico and in certain cities early on from the production of breads in Mexico was developed over several hundred years, I just think the burrito was never formally given a name before, until here in America. Same thing with fideo, etc. (angel hair pasta soup; any other type of semolina/wheat soup) someone claims that their grandmother/father took the recipe from north of the border down south in the earl 20th century, but fideo(as well as other soups) is as much a traditional everyday side dish to beans as is spanish rice, and has been a tradition in Mexico since at least the 1800s, and there are many people that have attested to that as fideo has been cooked by people in many regions in Mexico.

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                  1. re: b0ardkn0t

                    I've been told that burritos developed simply as a place (the tortilla) to put leftovers/expedite consumption in the cowboy/rural and urban leftovers sense.

                    no one here ever put some day old chinese into a tortilla?

                    1. re: b0ardkn0t

                      Correct.It's a Mexican and Mexican-American food.When I'm in Guadalajara driving to Colima there is a truck stop on the way that specializes in burritas, flour tortillas stuffed with stewed meats.They are thinner than the Mexican-American versions and only have the stewed meat and maybe a thin spread of refritos.By the way, they are delicious, and made by a team of excellent cocineras.The Mexican-American versions are grilled meats with varying items depending on the region of the US.The burritos we have here in the US are not found in Mexico unless they are in a tourist area, and even then you wouldn't see a restaurant with a burrito intensive menu.I have also had great burritos in Villa Ahumada, Chihuahua driving from Juarez to the capital.They have the puestos(stands) de burritos in Chihuahua.

                      But, the idea of sitting down with a giant burrito for "dinner" in a restaurant specializing in burritos stuffed with all the works is uniqely American.So, since we are north of the border, go ahead a go "hog" wild and have your menudo burrito creation, just don't ask for one in Guanaguato or Durango!

                      Burrito education:


                      1. Here it is. I make them all the time