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Jul 4, 2011 11:38 AM

What are these eggs?

I have a weakness for a certain type of scrambled eggs, and that is the type I have most often had at cheap roadside diners on roadtrips and also on ferries at breakfast time. They are completely uniform in colour - a pale yellow, and there is no discerable whites vs yolks. Are these powdered eggs? If so, are they prepared by adding water to the powder and cooking them up? Are powdered eggs available for retail sale? I freakin LOVE them (if that's what they are)...

If they're not powdered, what are they? I gotta have these at home!

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  1. Either powder or liquid eggs. Most likely liquid, watered down a bit and added with some butter.

    You can find them in the dairy aisle in milk cartons along with "regular" eggs.

    1. Really? This is what turns your crank? Anyway, they could be powdered eggs or those liquid eggs in a carton. In volume, real eggs are cheaper, so it may just be a way they're blending. if you find a diner you like that serves these things, why not ask?

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        Yes, wattacetti, I LOVE these weird monochrome eggs. I havent had them for a long time (hence the question) - have never seen them here in Montreal, and am actively disappointed when I go out for breakfast and *don't* get them here (which is...every time I go out for breakfast, ha). I will try to the liquid eggs from the store - haven't seen these before, but then again, I haven't looked. If the liquid eggs aren't it, I'll seek out some powdered eggs.

        I am hoping that diners along the Transcanada still serve them, because I'm pretty sure BC Ferries has stopped and I will be bereft without my pale, floppy eggs. Don't get me wrong, I love eggs in all forms and make myself scrambled eggs at least once a week, but I have a specific craving for the diner style ones right now...

        1. re: montrealeater

          The BC Ferries eggs - I now know what you're talking about. Those are commercial pre-processed things and the last time I encountered those was at the "free breakfast" at the Holiday Inn (Kelowna to be specific).

          I'm not sure if you're going to get the same texture/taste from either powdered or liquid, but you can always try.

          Now you've got me wanting to make a square monochrome egg to serve with pork belly.

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        1. I was making scrambled eggs a little while ago, and all of my whisks were missing (I have sons, they play with things they shouldn't ...) so I used my immersion blender to beat the eggs. The result was perfectly uniform eggs. They were also a bit different in texture somehow.

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          1. re: CanadaGirl

            Yes, you fluffed them up with air. So good with Canadian cheddar cheesy eggs!

          2. Mixing the eggs with a blender, and then scrambling them on a griddle, turning only a few time, should give something close.