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Mateo Granados [Cocina Latina, Healdsburg]

moto Jul 4, 2011 11:26 AM

One of the finest chefs in alta california, who combines the cooking of his Yucutan heritage with the local foods of sonoma wine country, will soon be opening a restaurant in Healdsburg. He received a lengthy write up recently on sfgate. If the food from a stationary kitchen equals that from his mobile ones ....

Mateo Granados
399 Business Park Dr, Windsor, CA

  1. moto Sep 10, 2012 07:03 PM

    spotted Chef Granados getting a large cappuccino or latte at the hotel right across Healdsburg Avenue from his Cocina. he shared the wonderful news of the birth of his second daughter, Merida, and introduced us to his partner Circe. made us an offer we could not refuse -- a quick tour of his cocina's garden and kitchen.

    during the walk around Chef Granados shared his vision of being able to secure sources for his ingredients so all the foods he prepares are sustainable and organic or biodynamically raised, and the garden in the patio of his restaurant was part of it. Above and beyond buying the catch from specific Bodega Bay based fishermen he's invested in their operations, so they could keep their boats and he could get fish delivered directly to his kitchen ; he showed us a couple of beautiful halibut. Preston farms, which we always visit when we're in the area for its exceptional organic produce, is one of his main sources not just for fruits and vegetables, but the suckling pigs, goats, and lambs he serves. the organic rye we saw in Preston's farm store the day before was in his kitchen, waiting to be made into savoury 'rye krispies'. he showed us one of his traditional Yucatan spice/herb pastes in one stage of preparation -- it goes through three separate mixing/grinding and curing stages to gain uniform consistency, moisture content, and flavour.

    there are probably few kitchens in the area more in touch with the people who grow and raise the ingredients, something he's continued and expanded from when his food came from mobile kitchens in farmers markets. he has plans for opening a smaller, more intimate dining space next to the Cocina, projected opening in April 2013.

    1. Windy Nov 27, 2011 07:45 PM

      I stopped by with Melanie and Cynsa yesterday. We ordered a few cocktails and a variety of courses to share.

      For me the highlights were the rock cod ceviche with citrus dressing, rock cod taco with pumpkin seed dressing, and gorgeous relleno blanco made from leftover Thanksgiving turkey and homemade sausage. Fresh crisp tostadas were served. I'd drive up from the city again just for these dishes.

      I also enjoyed blue corn pancakes with fruit, which we ate long after they were served. I was less pleased with the chicken panucho. We ordered a suckling pig tamale, which was tender if bland; but consulting the receipt, we may have been served chicken. A side of trio de calabazas frita rounded out the table.

      Pumpkin cocktails were tasty if a bit sweet like eggnog. My margarita Yucateca had a slice of pickled watermelon radish and rhubarb but no discernable tequila or Meyer lemon. Very disappointing.

      It's a lovely space with an outdoor patio. The dinner menu is significantly different from brunch, which is served until 3. A note that the friendly servers attending to us did not seem to understand we were catching up and did not want our plates cleared--despite us repeatedly clutching the dishes to scoop up the last drops.

      Prices are reasonable given the high quality and portion size. An $8 taco was a large plate, with several bites for each of us.

      Total was under $100 before tip for 3 including ample food and drinks. Corkage is $20 but waived for each bottle if you spend a corresponding amount at the bar.

      After our feast, we strolled a whole block to Mustache for coffee and sweets. The bite of espresso macaron I had was divine; this is the texture bakers should strive for. A huge pumpkin whoopie pie was delicious too, with cream cheese filling. High quality, reasonable prices. We were stuffed and managed to resist cases of cupcakes. A perfect fall afternoon feast.

      Cocina Latina
      214 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, CA 95448

      381 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg, CA 95448

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      1. re: Windy
        Joel Aug 11, 2012 01:52 PM

        We had a very nice dinner at Cocina Latina on a very warm Wednesday.
        When we walked in we saw Mateo manning the grill, proudly showing off a roasted suckling pig -- the Wednesday specialty. For $35 (including tax, for some reason) you get a large dish of sliced pig, a savory roast tomato sauce, and several different seasonal and local salads. We shared one dinner and a roasted squash side dish. It was all very flavorful and enough for two of us.
        Excellent service, great atmosphere -- we sat outside, next to the raised garden -- Mateo reached into the garden for garnishes as he plated the dinners.
        The chalkboard described in great detail the various accompanying salads -- perhaps twenty different ingredients.
        Dessert, not listed on the chalkboard, was included -- a mixed fruit compote, perfectly ripe, with peach foam and melon foam. Of course Healdsburg in August is the perfect place for ripe fruit.
        The $20 corkage fee was a bit too much for us so we had some draft beer which was fine. I couldn't figure the tip so easily since the $35 dinner included tax -- my usual trick of doubling the tax didn't work.
        He apparently does the special Tendejon dinners only Wednesday (pork) and Thursday (lamb).
        All in all a very good experience.

      2. Melanie Wong Sep 16, 2011 10:19 AM

        Rec'd this email minutes ago --- opening tonight.

        Dear Amigos,

        We are pleased to announce the opening of Mateo's Cocina Latina tonight! After months of planning and lots of work, Chef Mateo Granados is finally behind the stoves of his own kitchen! Mateo will be serving many of the favorites you have tried at his Farmers' Market booth or Tendejon de la Calle and many other Yucatan delicacies you haven't had a chance to taste yet.

        We look forward to seeing you soon at the new spot for a taste of the new menu along with a delicious tequila cocktail collaboration by Mateo and barman Scott Beattie. Take a peek at the great garden patio, long bar and wonderful restaurant design by Shawn E Hall.

        Open for Dinner starting September 16
        Dinner hours on Fridays and Saturdays from 5:30-11pm and Sunday-Thursday from 5:30-10pm

        Lunch service will begin Monday, September 19 with Brunch starting Friday September 23
        Lunch is served from 11am Monday-Thursday and brunch is served from 10am Friday-Sunday

        Mateo's Cocina Latina is located at 214 Healdsburg Avenue - one block from the Plaza in downtown Healdsburg. All seating is first come first serve, however on busy nights you may call ahead
        to place your name on the waiting list. Please call 707-433-1520.

        And reserve your special party space now!
        Mateo's Cocina Latina's garden patio is perfect for group celebrations, large to small.
        For more information and to reserve your private event of 12 guests or more at Mateo's Cocina Latina, please contact us at 707 433-1520 or info@mateoscocinalatina.com

        Gracias por todo

        Chef Mateo Granados | 399 Business Park Ct. | #516 | Windsor | CA | 95492

        Mateo Granados
        399 Business Park Dr, Windsor, CA

        Cocina Latina
        214 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, CA 95448

        1. Cynsa Sep 9, 2011 09:29 AM

          Chef Granados will open Cocina Latina on September 16, as the City of Healdsburg signs off on all permits. Last night's Tendejon de la Calle dinner at Preston Winery was a culinary pleasure. Tonight, September 9 at Preston Winery, will be the final mobile dinner.

          Cocina Latina
          214 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, CA 95448

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          1. re: Cynsa
            Melanie Wong Sep 9, 2011 09:31 AM

            You mean final mobile dinner for the season or forever?

            1. re: Melanie Wong
              Cynsa Sep 9, 2011 09:33 AM

              Focusing attention on Cocina Latina, catering, and the Farmers Market venues... no more mobile dinners are scheduled.

              Cocina Latina
              214 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, CA 95448

              1. re: Cynsa
                Melanie Wong Sep 9, 2011 09:51 AM

                Thanks for the latest word. Good decision, I'd been told varying things, figured it was a moving target as the restaurant became reality. Glad that Chef Mateo will be able to focus his attention.

              2. re: Melanie Wong
                Cynsa Sep 9, 2011 10:49 AM

                Tendejon de la Calle
                Thursday, September 8 at Preston Winery in Healdsburg

                this menu available this evening at Preston Winery and at Cocina Latina on September 16:
                Tacones $4
                Crispy Tortilla Cone filled with Preston Olive Oil Guacamole and Baby Oregon Shrimp or Preston Trio of Squashes with Redwood Hill Farm Raw Milk Feta

                Escencia de Tomate $15
                Chilled Preston Tomato Essence Soup with Baby Oregon Shrimp and Preston Olive oil

                Duraznos con Queso Caramelizado $16
                Grilled Dry Creek Farm peaches, White Crane Ranch watercress, Caramelized Redwood Hill Farm raw milk Feta cheese with local honey - each component resonates with brilliancy.

                Ensalada de Higos $16
                'The Patch' Black Mission figs. Preston - bounty of tomatoes with White Crane Ranch mixed greens

                $27 Brazo de Puerco Adobado
                Gleason Ranch Roast Pork Shoulder, local summer salsa, Preston grilled tomato sauce 'K'ut bil p'ak', Preston olive oil handmade tortillas and Black Bean Frijol Colado

                $28 Codero al Aroma
                Preston Vineyards Lamb braised with aromatic herbs, Preston Pork Picadita, Preston Tomato Salsa

                $29 Lenguado Frito
                Bodega Bay rock cod -succulent -cooked to perfection with Soda Rock cherry tomato and melons, Preston olives, Ramon's White Corn Trolelote (sweet, crisp, creamy with its richness), Preston Italian Parsley salsa verde, White Crane Ranch mixed greens

                - Vegetarian option always available -

                $8 Preston Strawberry Salsa with Sebastopol Farm Berry ice cream

            2. Melanie Wong Aug 29, 2011 04:04 PM

              I stopped by Cocina Latina this morning to check on progress. The fire and health inspections were scheduled for this afternoon. Here are some photos of the restaurant in progress. As of today, still planning to open on Sept 5.

              Cocina Latina
              214 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, CA 95448

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              1. re: Melanie Wong
                gracegiamo Aug 29, 2011 04:42 PM

                Great photos, Melanie. I walked by on Friday a.m. before leaving Healdsburg, but only saw the outside. I'll look forward to your review on CH following the opening. Unfortunately, we're heading back to NY (and to the aftermath of Hurricane Irene) on Wednesday. Cocina Latina will have to wait until next trip. Thanks.

                Cocina Latina
                214 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, CA 95448

                1. re: gracegiamo
                  Melanie Wong Aug 30, 2011 11:32 AM

                  You're welcome. The professionally photographed shots will be out soon enough. At this point it was fun to see the bare bones, unposed look of the place before the construction dust has settled. The kitchen looked smaller than my first visit now that the equipment is in place. That's why the walk-in is separated, outside the building footprint. I asked Granados if there's enough space to run his catering and farmers market operation out of this venue. He explained that the restaurant is a separate corporation from the catering and will have its own employees. He'll continue to run the catering from the existing Windsor commercial kitchen as well as serve as executive chef of Mateo's Cocina Latina.

              2. Melanie Wong Jul 6, 2011 04:29 PM

                Today Eater SF showed a rendering of the facade in this piece,

                But I'd noticed that no photos have appeared yet.

                Yesterday I dropped by the Cocina Latina site, 214 Healdsburg Ave. The door was open and I went inside to see if I could find Chef Mateo. He wasn't there, but later I spoke to him at the Tuesday night concert in Healdsburg Plaza and got his permission to publish the photos I'd snapped of the unfinished interior.

                Here's what the actual unfinished facade looked like yesterday afternoon.

                Unfinished dining room is longish and narrow and two skylights bring in more natural light.

                The tequila bar and dining room in progress. I'd asked Granados what kind of cocktail program he'd envisioned, given that Spoon Bar is across the street and Barndiva just behind. He said that the liquors would be tequila, mezcal and other Latin American spirits. I made a plea to serve Xtabentún from his native Yucatán.

                A set of double doors open from the dining room directly to the outdoor patio. There's also a glassed-in covered walkway that leads to two larger rooms in the back. One had been a kitchen and the other a private dining room but they may be repurposed in the remodel, couldn't tell.

                The outdoor L-shaped patio is planted with grape vines, olive trees, and raised beds of vegetables and herbs. It looks to be equal or larger than the indoor seating.

                Cocina Latina
                214 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, CA 95448

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                1. re: Melanie Wong
                  shadylane Aug 23, 2011 05:35 AM

                  Does anyone have an update on the opening date for Cocina Latina?

                  Cocina Latina
                  214 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, CA 95448

                  1. re: shadylane
                    Windy Aug 23, 2011 08:30 AM

                    Eater says September 5th, so they're tracking it. Looks like the restaurant will be called Mateo's.

                    1. re: Windy
                      shadylane Aug 23, 2011 06:44 PM

                      Too bad, we'll be back in NY by then. So, my question is: Is it worth driving from Yountville to Sebastopol and then to SF so we can experience Mateo Granados' food at the Sebastopol Farmer's Market on this Sunday? Even though we don't mind driving, is this a ridiculous plan? I know it's subjective, but I'd appreciate your opinion. Thanks.

                      Mateo Granados
                      399 Business Park Dr, Windsor, CA

                      1. re: shadylane
                        Windy Aug 23, 2011 07:05 PM

                        Have you confirmed he'll be there and isn't working on the restaurant opening?

                        It's a lot of driving if you just stop, eat, and run. But it's a potentially beautiful drive with many interesting stops near Sebastopol or in Marin on your way south.

                        I liked his food a lot the one time I had a dinner he cooked.

                        1. re: shadylane
                          Melanie Wong Aug 23, 2011 08:38 PM

                          Windy poses a good question --- make sure he'll be at the farmers market before you drive over. Getting from Yountville to anywhere in Sonoma County involves crossing a mountain range. Please consult a terrain map in picking your route as what looks like the shortest route might have a much longer driving time when you account for what speed is comfortable for you in driving the mountain passes. You might need to go quite a bit north or south from Yountville to take an easier but longer route.

                          Another option besides the market breakfasts is the dinner program where you'll have more choices and a better sense of the elevated Granados style than at the farmers market. Here's the menu for this friday that I rec'd via email.

                          This Friday, August 26th, Tendejon de la Calle will be back at the beautiful Twomey Cellars. Diner will be served from 5--8pm. Twomey Cellars is located at 3000 Westside Rd., Healdsburg, Sonoma County, CA 95448

                          The menu has been designed to be paired exclusively with Twomey Cellars wines. Twomey Cellars will be charging a $20.00 corkage fee if you bring your own wine.

                          For reservations please call 707-837-0774 or e-mail us at mateo@mateogranados.com . As a reminder, Tendejon de Calle only accepts Cash or Checks. No credit cards.


                          Tendejon de la Calle at Twomey Cellars Menu

                          Tendejon de la Calle



                          Crispy Tortilla Cone filled with:

                          "Olio di Gio" Olive Oil Guacamole & Baby Oregon Shrimp or "The Patch" Trio of Squashes with "Redwood Hill Farm" Raw Milk Feta Cheese.... $4 each


                          Escencia de Tomate

                          Chilled "Soda Rock" Tomato Essence Soup with Baby Oregon Shrimp and "Preston" Olive Oil...$15

                          Duraznos con Queso Caramelizado

                          Grilled "Dry Creek Farm" Peaches, "White Crane Ranch" Watercress Caramelized "Redwood Hill Farm" Raw Milk Feta Cheese and Local Honey.... $16

                          Ensalada de Higos

                          "The Patch" Black Mission Figs, "Soda Rock" Bounty of Tomatoes and "White Crane Ranch" Mixed Greens...$16

                          Platos Fuertes

                          Brazo de Puerco Adobado

                          "Gleason Ranch" Roasted Pork Shoulder, Local Summer Salsa, "Soda Rock" Grilled Tomato Sauce "K'ut bil P'ak", "Preston" Olive Oil Hand-Made Tortillas and Black Bean "Frijol Colado"....$28

                          Conejo Adobado

                          Annatto Seed Marinated "Jones Family" Rabbit, Yucatan Style Crisp Salad, "Middleton Farm" Red Onions, "Ortiz Brothers" Red Cabbage and Squash Blossom Baked "Calasparra" Rice...$28

                          Lenguado Frito

                          Bodega Bay Crispy Sand Dabs, "Soda Rock" Cherry Tomatoes, "Preston" Olives, "Ramon's" White Corn Trolelote, "Quivira" Italian Parsley Salsa Verde, "White Crane Ranch" Mixed Greens...$29

                          *Vegetarian option always available*


                          "Preston" Strawberry Salsa with "Sebastopol Farm" Berry Ice Cream...$8.00


                          If you cannot join us for Tendejon de Calle, you can always find us on Saturdays at the Healdsburg Farmers' Market From 9am-Noon and Sundays at the Sebastopol Farmers' Market from 8am-2pm.

                          We look forward to feeding you soon!

                          The Mateo Granados Team

                          Upcoming Tendejon De La Calle

                          Sept 2, Oct 14
                          Quivira Vineyards and Winery
                          $20 corkage
                          4900 West Dry Creek Road
                          Healdsburg CA 95448

                          Sept 8, Sept 9
                          Preston Vineyards
                          $20 corkage
                          9206 West Dry Creek Road
                          Healdsburg CA 95448

                          Sept 30, Oct 21
                          Thomas George Estates
                          $20 corkage
                          8075 Westside Road
                          Healdsburg CA 95448

                          Mateo Granados
                          399 Business Park Dr, Windsor, CA

                          Sebastopol Farmers' Market
                          Petaluma Ave and McKinley St, Sebastopol, CA

                          1. re: Melanie Wong
                            shadylane Aug 25, 2011 10:26 AM

                            Thanks so much, Melanie. I was hoping you'd respond to my post! Last week I on Mateo Granados' website I read about about the Tendejon de Calle at Twomey Cellars. As instructed on the website, I went to Twomey's website, but they had no further info. I should have called. Anyway, I'm on a plane as I write this and just emailed the Mateo Granados team in case we could get a reso for tonight. My info regarding Sebastopol Farmers market was from his website, so I'm hoping that's accurate. If we end up heading over there on Sunday, we'll definitely consult with hotel staff about the best route. Appreciate your tip about the drive. Thanks, again.

                            Mateo Granados
                            399 Business Park Dr, Windsor, CA

                            1. re: shadylane
                              Malcolm Ruthven Aug 26, 2011 07:50 AM

                              You'll have about an hour drive from Yountville to Sebastopol, not counting any stops. Oakville Grade Road will get you from Napa Valley over to Sonoma Valley and is a beautiful drive. You'll go through the village of Kenwood as you drive up Sonoma Valley (Hwy 12) and you could spend the day there tasting wine at the many tasting rooms (Muscardini is one of my favorites).

                  2. wolfe Jul 4, 2011 12:02 PM

                    Previous Mateo mentions.

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                    1. re: wolfe
                      PolarBear Jul 4, 2011 03:29 PM

                      and the article

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