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Jul 4, 2011 10:18 AM

Denver Vegan

I'm a vegan Chowhound (not an oxymoron!) from WA coming to Denver for 2 nights for a conference next week. I'll be staying at Hyatt Regency Downtown and will be looking to get out for a couple nice meals most likely solo. I live for vegan restaurants but am aware that they are rare and exist mostly in the big cities on the west and east coast. I figure there should be a few good options in Denver but have never explored them. I'd appreciate any help in finding a great vegan or vegan-friendly experience within reasonable walking or cab distance of my hotel. Willing to check out "holes-in-the-wall" or high end. Thanks in advance to the Denver Chowhounds for any advice. I live in a relatively vegan-unfriendly town and really look forward to tasting what Denver has to offer me.

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  1. Watercourse is a wonder vegetarian restaurant with many vegan options. It's definitely a cab from the Hyatt, but not a long one. What's good about Denver is that most restaurants are very veg-friendly, and will have vegetarien and vegan dishes that are inspired, rather than as afterthought.

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