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Jul 4, 2011 09:15 AM

Buying Pork Butt in Westchester

I am looking for Bone in Pork Butt and have tried Both Stews and Fairway and neither have the Bone in type, anyone have any recommendations in lower Westchester.

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  1. I have often found them at Shop Rite.

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      If you're in lower Westchester, it's just a few minutes on the BRP to Arthur Avenue. Sal at Biancardis on Arthur Avenue has them.

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        I have found them at a&p, costco, BJs and shoprite, If you don't see them, ask the butcher. I smoke them for pulled pork. If that's your aim, a picnic shoulder will do just fine.

    2. I concour with vinous. I usually get mine at Sam's or BJ's. BJ's sometimes has pork butt in addition to the shoulder. Sometimes you can get a 2-pack of butts there. Most major grocery stores will have a pork shoulder, but maybe not in the size you need. If you buy a smaller one from a grocery store and you are making pulled pork, be on the lookout for butts or shoulders that are "enhanced" by some sort of sodium solution - read the label. These do not make for good eating and will often taste "hammy" even when they are roasted.

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        also, if a store is selling "country ribs", that's pork butt they've cut up. so ask for one that's not cut up.

      2. Crisfield's market in Rye, NY... amazing butcher!

        1. In Mt. Vernon there's a meat market called Top Quality at the corner of 22 (Columbus) and Claremont. They advertise goat, tripe and other goodies. I would think they would be a good bet, but I don't know for certain.