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Jul 4, 2011 07:41 AM

King of Prussia-Malvern area Recommendations?

We will be going to the King of Prussia area (Malvern, Radnor, Bryn Mawr, etc) in two weeks to meet our son from Arizona who is attending a meeting in Pennsylvania. I found an old thread that characterized the area as "chain store heaven", but wondered if there were any better choices for a good lunch and dinner in the vicinity. Besides standard American fare, we are not averse to ethnic (Thai, Mexican, etc), but do not wish to get involved in Philadelphia traffic. Any keystone state chowhounders have recommendations?

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  1. Hmmm, that's a pretty wide area, there are definitely places worth eating at in that area! Off hand, I's suggest Restaurant Alba in Malvern, and Nectar in Berwyn...others are sure to have other ideas, especially if you give us more info.

    Restaurant Alba
    Malvern, PA, Malvern, PA

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      I found Alba to be mediocre for the price. Came here with my parents a week or so ago. The ricotta and peach bruschetta was not balanced in flavor- peach on a crouton. My rabbit agnolloti was boring. Literally just tiny raviolis floating in a broth. The dish was tasty in an umami kind of way but too uniform in flavor and texture- like the bruschetta, it lacked any kind of interesting touch that would have made it worth the price. Reminded me a bit of packaged ramen. My father had the raisin and pinenut gnocchi, which sounded interesting but once again dissapointed when it came to actual balance of flavors. The pinenut was present but the raisin was barely detectable. Kudos on the zucchini crema, however. Light and delicious. I forget what our desserts were called and they aren't listed on the menu online, but they were both very good.

      Atmosphere was sort of romantic but the population was generally over 50 and very main line preppy. Good beer selection.

      Overall, if they could cut the prices I would go again.

    2. Agree with Liz K on her recommendations....also would add Blackfish in Conshohocken.

      1. Although a chain store, cheesecake factory is still relatively good.

        1. Susanna Foo for Asian or Flemings for Steaks in Radnor are both good. Everything in King of Prussia is a chain but Legal Seafoods and Sullivan's Steakhouse are nice.

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            If you are going the steak house route in King of Prussia, I would suggest going to either the new Capital Grille, or to Creed's Steakhouse (which has a nice fish selection and a great wine cellar to boot).

            There are five steakhouses in King of Prussia - Capital Grille... Morton's (which feels like a morgue inside the mall without any windows)/... Ruth Chris's (which will nickle and dime you to death and rush you through your meal)... Creeds... and Sullivans (filled with overdressed business people eating mediocre food trying to pick each other up and the restaurant has the audacity to valet park at a mall .. ).

            Frankly if you are going to eat that far north.. go to Conshohocken and go to Blackfish which is BYO and serving some of the best food in the suburbs. Their steak would compete with any of the steaks in the above list.

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              I absolutely agree with cwdonald about the fact that Blackfish's steak, because their steak is one of the best steaks I've ever had.

          2. Thanks for the recommendations. Those ought to last us for the two days we'll be there.

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            1. re: DonShirer

              I am a huge fan of Blackfish. Creeds is really nice too.