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Jul 4, 2011 07:28 AM

Cleveland's West Side Market

I know about Czuchraj's jerkey, but what are the other goodies that I should try when there?

West Side Market
1979 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH

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  1. There are a lot of great things to take home with you. I have been living in Dayton about a year now, but used to like to go to Ohio City Pasta & to a stand that sold pierogies of all sorts. There was a good spice store near the front entrance. I also used to get Cornish pasties from a stand near the back, on the restaurant side.

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      Steve's Gyro's is the bomb! You HAVE to try them. Prepare to stand in line for an hour or so, but they are SO worth the wait!

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        Lunabliss, if you miss the ravioli at Ohio City Pasta, you can find it in the freezer case at Dorothy Lane Market.

        1. re: Niki in Dayton

          Excellent! I hadn't noticed them before...too distracted by the Jeni's ice cream pints, I guess.

      2. Maha's Falafil (their spelling).

        Volio Costa Rican coffee - at the end of the shorter section of the produce arcade - free samples :)

        Also nearby the market-- if you are a beer drinker-- McNulty's Bier Markt is across the street and has a ton of (bottled) Belgian beers-- fun to sit outside and try a beer sampler. If you are a home cook, Penzey's Spices is right across the street.

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          Great Lakes Brewery is right around the corner from McNulty's also. I think Great Lakes makes some world class beers and should be tried at the brewery if you have the chance.

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            Market garden brewery just opened on west 25th st next to the west side market. Their house made beers are also excellent.

        2. Dohar's Smokies. Crepes from the crepe stand. Maha's Falafel. Ohio City Pasta. Corn tortillas from Orale (and their prepared foods are delish also). Bread from Mediterra. Cambodian treats from Kim Se. Fudge from Ohh Fudge (or brittles - if you like spice, try the Habenero). Unusual quinoas, cous cous and similar items from Urban Herbs.

          1. I go about once a month, the pizza bagels from Frickaccio's are awesome, and cheap, just make sure you ask for them to be VERY warmed up- delish