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Jul 4, 2011 03:22 AM

Pastry tips (goats cheese filling)

I had a delish goats cheese salad in Paris and wanting to recreate it. The goats cheese was wrapped as per picture and the pastry was light and crunchy. What type of pastry would this be? and any tips on cooking with goats cheese and pastry?

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  1. The pastry looks to be phyllo or another thin type of dough. I am not sure how crispy it is. Because it could almost look like a really really thin crepe made really crispy.

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      +1 on phyllo/filo pastry.

      The pastry is delicate and dries out quickly. Cover the sheets(that you aren't working on) with a damp cloth while you create your parcels. Because the pastry is delicate, it is good for layering, making baskets, borek-style rolls, and as a scrunched topping. Brush with water or egg to seal edges, brush with butter or oil to achieve colour when baking.

      The picture above does look like a folded crepe. I'm a haphazard cook and wouldn't be able to get something that tidy with phyllo, but anyone with more patience or skill than I do (and that's most everyone!) surely could!

      Tips for cooking with goats cheese - buy a little bit more than you need for the recipe. Nom nom nom.

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        I was thinking it could be a crispy folded crepe, too. I don't think it's phyllo. I've had folded crepes like that that are crispy and easy to walk around and eat.

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          "easy to walk around" ?

          What does that mean ? I'm intrigued.

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            Oops, sorry, I meant it's easy to buy and walk around whiie eating. I normally see them at trucks or farmers markets.

    2. The pastry could also be a tuile, which is very light and crunchy. You do have to work extremely fast after it is baked in order to shape it. "The French Laundry" cookbook has a recipe for it.

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        It looks like that to me too and it looks to be folded the way a crepe would be.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Maybe feuille de brick? Look at and see if that seems right.

          1. Yes I originally thought filo, but thinking back it wasn't as flaky or "delicate". Will check out that website for tuile recipe