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Jul 4, 2011 02:36 AM

Antipasto Platter must haves

I am putting together a quite large antipasto platter for a group of 10 people to graze on before a pasta dish/dessert

Any must haves/ideas for a Roman style antipasto??

So far am thinking grilled artichokes, prosciutto, mortadella, braesola, provolene, marinated olives, tomato bruscetta, grissini sticks

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  1. That's enough to satisfy everyone. Only thing I'd consider tossing in are mushrooms, but, they wouldn't be missed (and arguably lost) in the existing spread.

    1. No cheese? Or are you saving that for the main?

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        provolone is cheese.

        i find a lot of americans won't eat the mortadella because of the fat globs. what about capicola instead?

      2. Roasted peppers, or any roasted vegetable really. Grilled artichokes sound nice; I always use the jarred for convenience's sake. I would consider grilled figs, maybe stuffed with cheese or wrapped in prosciutto. Capers can add a nice touch. I like to have real bread rather than sticks with it to dip in the juices, of which I make sure there is plenty. Sometimes I serve caponata or a fig tapenade on the side, just to gild the lily.

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          Agree on roasted peppers. They're on every Roman antipasto table!

        2. Those items are good. I like these items also.

          Italian tuna drizzled with Balsamic vinegar.
          Hot and or sweet stuffed cherry peppers. Stuffed with tuna and bread crumbs, or Provolone and Prosciutto.
          pickled eggplant
          chunks of sharp Provolone, Asiago or some other sharp Italian table cheese
          Marinated mushrooms with garlic
          Roasted red or yellow peppers
          Genoa Salami, sliced and rolled or small chunks
          Sopresatta, sliced.

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            i sure like your list!

            to add to the discussion, i like grilled vegetables on an antipasto platter, and for summer that includes squash as well as red bell peppers.

            fwiw, i'd also like a little capicola, pretty please. ;-).

          2. roasted peppers, roasted garlic cloves, basil leaves