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Jul 3, 2011 11:13 PM

Thai in the Richmond

Hey all,

So, Significant Other and I decided to try an izakaya place we'd heard a lot about in the Richmond. After waiting forty minutes for a table, we gave up and walked up to Clement, where we ate at King of Thai Noodle House.

We choose that place for no particular reason, other than that we'd parked in front of it. However, we noticed a ton of other Thai places in the area. Are we missing anything good? Or is it mostly good-but-not-quite-great places like King of Thai?


King of Thai
184 O Farrell St, San Francisco, CA

Noodle House
1305 Gateway Blvd Ste E7, Fairfield, CA 94533

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  1. In the Richmond, you mean? I'm guessing you didn't walk all the way across the park after waiting 40 minutes.

    Tawan's on Geary is quite good, I think. Nice people running it too.

    In the Sunset, Chabaa is a good bet.

    Been wondering about Chiang Mai on Geary for a while. It looks a little faded on the outside but am curious if the name means they serve Northern Thai specialties.

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      Whoops! I do mean the Richmond. Embarrassing. Edited and fixed.

      I've been to Chabaa twice. The first time was very good. The second time was god-awful. So, they have about a 50% success rate with me. Not great, but it could be worse, I suppose.