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Jul 3, 2011 10:37 PM

Seafood purist: Best salmon or oysters in Cannon Beach area?

We are staying in Cannon Beach for two nights and would appreciate recommendations for dinner including simple grilled or cedar-planked salmon as well as fresh oysters in the Cannon Beach/Manzanita/Seaside area. We have eaten in the Ecola fish market and loved the Dungeness crab and steamed clams, but we were hoping to eat a great salmon while we were in the area.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Try the oyster stew at Norma's in Seaside, made with Willapa Bay oysters. I don't know where you are getting steamed clams. The local clam is the razor clam, best served gently fried or in fritters or chowder. Go to Astoria to get smoked salmon at Josephson's, and the Bell Buoy in Seaside for smoked salmon and (especially) smoked Columbia River white sturgeon, and canned razor clams to take home for making chowder (use James Beard's recipe).

      For fresh salmon, any good restaurant in the area should do a creditable job, but ask whether it is wild Pacific salmon. There's a place overlooking the river in Astoria that's a good place to eat, but I've forgotton the name. It's on the water, on 11th on the river side of the RR track.

      Now you've made me hungry! I'm from Seaside/Astoria, but living in California.

      1. BTW, if you really want cedar-planked salmon, you need to go to Seattle when they have a public cookout at Alki beach. I'm not sure when they do this or if it is still being done at all.

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          In Seattle, you can get Cedar planked salmon at Ivar's Salmon house every day of the year:)

        2. Oh, just noticed the original post is an old one. Well, it's worth a second trip.

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            Bridgewater Bistro and Clemente's are excellent places for salmon in Astoria. I would also check out Columbian Cafe, we like to sit at the bar and watch the chef cook there. Silver Salmon Grille is another very good place for salmon in the area. :)

            Bridgewater Bistro
            20 Basin St, Astoria, OR 97103

            Silver Salmon Grille
            1105 Commercial St, Astoria, OR 97103

          2. Best oysters we had there were from an amazing seafood shop in Seaside, took back to our room and shucked ourselves.

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              Was it Bell Buoy or the new place on Broadway next to Yummy Wine Bar? :)